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Shopify eCommerce Website Redesign for Bar V Ranch

A successful online store migration from Magento to Shopify resulting in a new responsive storefront and increased online conversions.

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Shopify eCommerce Storefront for Western Jewelry Online Retailer

Bar V Ranch is a Woodland, CA based company specializing in custom western jewerly and accessories for both men and women.

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  • Client: Custom Shopify eCommerce Website Re-Design
  • Date: May 2017
  • Website: (No Longer Available)
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Shopify eCommerce Storefront
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Bar V Rench Needs Functioning Online Storefront

Bar V Ranch offers a unique product line of western-style fashion products for both men and women. The product line is unique from their main product line, so they wanted to get an online store up that ran completely separate from their main website. They had the site running in Magento, but wanted to rethink their eCommerce platform and move to something that was more intuitive and offered more robust marketing & SEO features.

Shopify is the Recommended Platform

Our team of certified Shopify Experts recommended the Shopify platform as we've found it to be both intuitive and SEO friendly. The backend UI is easy to navigate and handles extremely fast. The site would need a good amount of custom edits as well, which Shopify handles well by providing built-in development access and version control for sensitive files. Additionally, Shopify is competitively prices, has built-in visitor engagement tools, has a built-in credit card processing system (optional), Payment Operating System (POS), and automatically installs an SSL to encrypt your website's data making purchasing and sharing sensitive information safe.

Summary of features that made us choose Shopify:

  • Intuitive UI
  • SEO Control & built-in SEO features
  • Fast hosting
  • Built-in development tools
  • Competitive pricing
  • Built-in credit card processing (optional) and POS
  • Built-in visitor engagement tools
  • Installs an SSL automatically

Our Team Migrates their Store into Shopify

We exported their existing Magento database and imported their products and orders into the Shopify eCommerce platform - the process went quickly and did not result in any lost data.

We then added more targeted meta data to the products to help increase their website's ranking. The new design also helped modernize the site's feel and gave us more automatic marketing abilities.

New Online Store Produces Results

Having a new website design is nice, but if that doesn't convert into more business then it's all for nothing.

Fortunately, the new Shopify store resulted in lots of great improvements including the following:

  • Fast website speeds
  • Easier navigation for client
  • Easier engagement with new visitors and existing customers

Having an impressive website shows viewers you are professional and that you care about your online store. When they feel safe and secure on your website they are more likely to make that initial purchase and to come back again for more.

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