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Monthly Newsletter (December)

December 03, 2015



Capitol Tech Solutions (CTS) and the CTS team wishes you a happy holidays. We hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyed with friends and family.

CTS News

  • This month we launched our 131st website.
  • Our Facebook page surpassed 200 likes. LIke us today if you don't already!
  • We are currently looking to hire some more web designers, web developers, and content & marketing writers. For more information visit our Careers page.

Digital Marketing

It's no secrete that the internet has dramatically changed marketing, but many businesses remain either intimidated or skeptical regarding its value to their company.

Digital Marketing works and is valuable for almost any company. In addition, with the growth of social media marketing can often be done for free or with a relatively small price tag compared to previous forms of marketing. Perhaps the best part is that the increase in website's abilities to collect user data most marketing can now target its most valuable audiences easier than ever before.

If you've held off on considering digital marketing for the growth of your business we encourage you to begin now. We offer free consulting as well, so if you don't know where to begin then give us a call. (916) 443-5395. is the website of the month - designed and developed in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap. The website uses high quality HTML5 videos and is fully responsive so that it displays great on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. Single-page scrolling and some subtle site animations also add a nice touch and improve user experience.


Shopify is a simple shopping cart solution for your ecommerce business: with Shopify, you face no concerns over hosting your shopping cart, maintaining servers, or presenting your brand and your inventory to potential customers. Moreover, Shopify has auxiliary apps available to you to assist in the entire ecommerce process from inventory management to shipping to customer contact management. In this post, we will explore five reasons why people love Shopify, and what you need to know about its advantages.

The number one reason Shopify is great: Shopify takes care of the coding and web-hosting issues you face on your ecommerce site. This means you do not need technical expertise to launch an online store with Shopify–you just need inventory. Shopify exemplifies KISS–Keep It Simple Stupid–allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their business, and not on the technical nuts and bolts of website and shopping cart management.

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