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Find My PowerSchool Login

Parents and Students can login to their instance of PowerSchool to monitor assignments, attendance, and notifications. Parents can stay engaged in their students progress simply by logging into PowerSchool. However, since there are so many different instances of PowerSchool, parents often can't find the proper place to login. The guide below provides some examples of how to find your districts PowerSchool login.

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Where can I find my PowerSchool login?

PowerSchool is typically managed at the School District Level. Therefore, to find where to login to your instance of PowerSchool, you need to go to your Districts website. On that site, you should be able to find a link to your PowerSchool login. Some examples of where Districts have that information are below.

Example 1:

In the example below, the district has a link directly in the header to their PowerSchool Portal.

Example 1 Screenshot

Example 2:

Here is another example that has PowerSchool in the Quick Links section on the home page:

Example 2 Screenshot

Example 3:

This 4th example also has a Popular Links section. When that is clicked, it opens up a box with a link to PowerSchool:

Example 3 A Screenshot
Example 3 B Screenshot

Example 4:

In this example, on the left side of the page, there is a link to Student Services. Once that is selected, on the right side, there is a link to PowerSchool. This is a charter school, so the link is on the charter school website.

Charter School Example 4 A Screenshot
Charter School Example 4 B Screenshot

Example 5:

In this last example, you can see the district page has a section for Families and students. Under that section, for Quick Links, you have the Parent-Student Portal, which links to PowerSchool.

Example 5 Screenshot
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