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Cloud Based Software Solutions

We develop secure and scalable cloud based solutions so businesses can thrive online. Our team works hard to understand your unique business needs, and can work with you to develop a scope of work you can use to complete your project. Once the requirements are defined, our team will design and develop your application from the ground up. Our developers work hand in hand with our UI and UX designers to deliver a fully functional solution for your business.

Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solution Details

Cloud-based technologies are changing the way we work and in a good way. It's not hard to remember the time before cloud-based technologies when everyone was running around with small USB drives to give each other the latest of a certain file. The USB days are being phased out as more work forces migrate to cloud environments where they can share and collaborate on files and projects. The files are synced so that everyone has the latest version and most platforms offer built-in version control, which means you can fall back to previous versions in case an edit or file removal was in error or done maliciously. Data is most often backed up and data storage plans are scalable so that everything grows with your business. Security is paramount, so that no unwanted eyes can view your materials or access it's content.

Examples of Cloud Applications


eFundraising Connections entrusted us to develop their online processing application. We worked directly with their team to define and spec the requirements both functionally and visually. Developed in .NET with a MSSQL back end, and interfacing with a third party processor, the eFundConnect platform provides an interface to collect political and non-profit contributions. Users can quickly add processing accounts, and donors can give to their favorite cause or political campaign. eFundConnect manages over 500 unique accounts, and processes over $1 Million per month for their clients.


TECS is an cloud based energy management system designed to save energy and money for commercial buildings, government buildings ,and K12 schools. Capitol Energy Systems approached CTS with the idea, and our team went about creating a platform that is easy for energy managers to use, and work with their specific hardware. The result has led to hundreds of thousands of saved KiloWatt hours of energy, and tens of thousands of dollars saved. As the platform continues to expand, energy managers will be able to manage multiple devices all from their secure cloud.

Our team developed this scalable solution in .NET with an MSSQL back end, using web services, MVC interface, MSMQ messaging, and real time updating of the user interface. The platform continues to see fast growth as more devices and thermostats communicate with the online platform.

Lecture Source

Melanie from Lecture Source approached our team to develop their online marketplace to exchange college resource materials created by professors for students. With a concept and ideas in mind, we hashed out the design of the site, along with the specifications of the functionality. As a result of the team effort, Lecture Source launched their product and created a market place for college instructional material.

Lecture Source was developed on the meteor platform with a MongoDB, which allows it to scale with growth. It also interfaces with the Stripe payment gateway to process transactions so professors can sell their materials online.

Radio Thermostat

Radio Thermostat contacted CTS to developed their cloud platform for their Wireless Thermostat. They had the first wireless thermostat available in Home Depot (yes, before Nest) and needed a solution for users to control their HVAC online. They required not only a cloud interface, but a mobile application interface as well.

Our team developed the application from the ground up using .NET, web services, and an MSSQL back end. We also engaged our iOS and Android development team who interfaced with the secure web services created in the cloud to create an elegant and simple mobile application to control the HVAC in the house. Over 30,000 thermostats were sold and managed by our cloud infrastructure and application.

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