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Comprehensive Directory Listing

Your website is a great a way to tell your audience who you are, but search engines are often more concerned about what the rest of the internet says about your website.

Comprehensive Directory Listings Example

How Direcotry Listings Help

Directory listings are one of the best ways you can inform Search Engines, like Google & Bing, who your company is and what products or services you offer. When a large amount of directory listings all say the same thing about your business and point to your website, which also says the same thing, then they add value or weight to the information. This is an excellent way to increase your ranking for geographically positioned services and also has importance for non-geogrpahically offerings, such as products that can be mailed out or sent digitally. This means that when someone searches for your service your website is more likely to come up higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Alternatively, the directory listing itself could come up in the SERP, which is just as good so long that the company information is correct and it leads to a potential lead or "conversion."

Yext Directory Listing Service


Capitol Tech Solutions is a certified partner with Yext, which is a powerful online tool that assists in finding and updating your company's information to all the major directory listings. Another important solution Yext offers is for when your company information is changed or updated. An example of this could be if your company changes it's physical address, phone number, or even adds new services and employees. Once changed on Yext the tool will then automatically go out to all the connected directory listings and add in or change the new information, which can take a few days, but in most cases is done instantly. Google loves seeing these changes too and beneficial results can often occur in short periods of time.

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