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Custom Built Proprietary Applications

Our team of experienced professionals can build you the custom application that works quickly and aesthetically across any and all devices the application needs to be supported by.

Custom Applications

Custom Applicaton Development

Our team has experience building custom applications for a variety purposes including custom internal & database solutions, mobile applications, and custom Content Management Systems (CMS). Typically, all our projects begin with a face-to-face of screen-to-screen meeting, which we use to gather as much information regarding the vision and functionality of the application. After we believe we understand the application's full scope we build out a timeline with languages, app hosting arrangements, milestones, deadlines, and responsibilities. We then begin development in a secure and private development environment. Mid-project we begin meeting with our design team for help creating the UI/UX features of the application. Once the application is in a functionally presentable state we begin Beta testing, which often involves the client of some of the client's team. We code our applications semantically and to be scalable for future development additions and changes. We never leave a project until you are completely satisfied with the application.

Custom Application to write Attendance to PowerSchool SIS

Identimetics is a leader in finger scanning technologies. They needed an expert in PowerSchool and web services, and worked with CTS to develop their application. We developed a .NET application that accepted the ID from the finger scanner and wrote attendance records to PowerSchool through their API. Developed as a Windows service, it runs every minute to determine a students proper attendance to pass to the SIS.

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