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Paid Online Advertising

Online Advertising is often the fastest way to get your product, service or message in front of new and existing customers. There is a cost, however, which is why it is important to know the best networks to advertise on and to create a design that will entice your audience to click.

Paid Online Advertising

Value of Online Advertising

Effective online advertising requires an extensive understanding of the most popular online markets/networks as well as an understanding of how visual advertising is made most effective with limited viewable real estate. High quality photos & videos, effective use of colors, and tone of written content are just a few design items that must be heavily considered when building an effective online advertisement. Targeted Ads are often the most effective forms of advertising as they attempt to focus on niche audiences that are most in-line with the desired audience. There are tons of demographics that can be targeted and that list keeps increasing in this age of increasing data collection. In addition, audience lists can be purchased from organizations that focus on collecting and sorting through user data for the specific purpose of selling audience lists.

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