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WordPress is a powerful Content Management System with robust features making it a tool for building websites, creating blog posts, and even running an eCommerce/online store.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of WordPress

WordPress was originally made entirely for blogging, but was eventually made to be open source, which has resulted it in being one of the most common and popular website building tools with perhaps the largest 3rd party development community out there. WordPress is free and almost all plugins have free versions, which makes WordPress very affordable while not losing it's robust options.

Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles that WordPress can create. One common one occurs when WordPress or a WordPress theme auto-updates or is manually updated. This can occasionally lead to previously working 3rd party plugins to stop working or even cause problems with the entire website loading due to MySQL/database errors (see our News article here). Another obstacle is speed - often a large amount of 3rd party apps and/or shared hosting can lead to painful load times on both the backend and on the live version that viewers interact with.

What's the Best Solution?

There's no "one size fits all" way in deciding whether or not to use WordPress, but rather it should be considered to be the right or wrong tool depending on your needs. Our team can help you navigate the pros and cons of using WordPress to find out if it's the best solution for your business. Also, if you have an existing website built in WordPress and discover that it's not the best solution for your needs, we can help you migrate your website and it's content onto a new platform.