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1STOPlighting Hits 10K Followers on Instagram!

by | August 23, 2019

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Screenshot of 1STOPlighting’s Instagram account showing their 10K followersWe are proud to announce that our client, 1STOPlighting, has reached 10K followers on Instagram! 1STOPlighting, an eCommerce retailer located in Sacramento, CA, has built their business by successfully selling home lighting products through their online store.

1STOPlighting is one of the top internet retailers for lighting and home products. Their goal is to provide the highest overall value and shopping experience for their customers. They pride themselves on providing their customers with the right product, for the right price, at the right time.

1STOPlighting has been in business since 2001, and although their business has grown steadily, they wanted to increase their website traffic and boost sales. Last year, 1STOPlighting turned to Capitol Tech Solution’s User Experience team to help create an online social voice, engage with influencers, build their brand organically, and generate sales. CTS outlined and executed a successful social media marketing plan for 1STOPlighting which has led to tremendous growth across all 1STOPlighting social media accounts. Most notably 1STOPlighting’s Instagram account went from zero to 10,000 followers in the course of the CTS campaign.

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What does it mean to hit 10K followers?

When an Instagram account hits 10K followers the “swipe up” feature is activated. This feature allows an Instagram user to embed a link within Instagram Stories, which makes it easier for followers to instantly access an intended URL. Without the “swipe up” feature followers are forced to find the URL in the account bio, requiring more steps and less opportunity for instant engagement. The “swipe up” feature also allows an Instagram user to embed a different URL into every story, creating a more diverse push of products and links.

The “swipe up” feature includes the following benefits:

  • Increases conversion rate
  • Boosts website traffic
  • Grows a business
  • Allows for collaborations with other companies
  • Helps track progress by adding source codes to Instagram Story links

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Celebrate with 1STOPLighting!

Screenshot of promotion 1 Stop Lighting wants to offer their followers

To celebrate reaching 10K followers on Instagram, 1STOPlighting is running a 22% off sale sitewide! Use coupon code “CELEBRATE” when you check out!

Please visit their website

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