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PowerSchool Training

From system administration and setup, to end-user training for district and front office our team of certified PowerSchool trainers can get your district up and running on all PowerSchool features. With over 10 years of experience, our team knows PowerSchool in and out, and continues to be a valuable training resource for districts throughout the United States.

Photo of an elementary school teacher teaching a student using a tablet.

PowerSchool Training for PowerTeacher Pro, Unified Classroom, Initial Product Training (IPT), and More

Our certified PowerSchool trainers work hand in hand with districts to get all staff up to speed on PowerSchool SIS to take full advantage of all features. We can work with your district both remotely and on-site to train on any aspect of the PowerSchool SIS application.

While PowerSchool offers a variety of training options, including PowerSchool University and user-led PSUGs, it is often too costly to bring entire school staff to these events. And the intense training is a whirlwind of information that doesn’t always apply directly to your district’s specific requirements. That is why our customized training is so effective. We work directly with your district do discuss issues and pain points and can tailor our sessions to address specific needs in your PowerSchool environment. And there is no limit on how many teachers, district administrators, and other staff members can attend.

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Don’t let your district be burdened by not having the tools to succeed with PowerSchool. Contact our PowerSchool Training Experts today to get started.

PowerSchool Training Topics

  • Introduction to PowerSchool
  • Enrolling and transferring students
  • Scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Communication tools
  • Managing grades and academic data
  • Security and staff management
  • SIS management cycle
  • PowerTeacher Pro
  • CALPADS Reporting
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • PowerSchool API
  • Customizations
  • Data Management
  • State Reporting
  • Object Reports
  • Unified Classroom
  • PowerSchool Learning
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Our PowerSchool Training Expertise

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Thank you ever so much for the training you provided over Tuesday and Wednesday. It was extremely helpful, and I am already putting it to use! Your instruction wasn’t just informational, it was professional and super interesting. Apologies for having to deal with our ‘in progress’ conference room and all its IT issues – but you were amazing. Thanks to you, we can start to use PowerSchool in the way in which it needs to be used! Thanks again!

Sterling Education Logo

Stacy Pontefract

Administrative Assistant, Sterling Education

Really appreciated the flexibility of the instructor – diving into issues or areas that affect our unique school construct really made the training relevant and useful! It was very helpful! It was especially nice being logged on so we could follow along with you. Thank you!

Pacific Charter Institute Logo

Michael McClain

I.T. Manager, Pacific Charter Institute (Heritage Peaks)

Your service was great and I felt that we got a lot of benefit from it and the feedback from staff was great. We will want to utilize your company again for future PowerSchool Training.

Bath County Public Schools Logo

Ed Ozols

Technology Supervisor, Bath County Public Schools

PowerSchool Training Process

1. Initial Consultation

Every district is unique, and faces unique challenges. Our initial consultation uncovers your specific issues so we can formulate a training plan.

2. Develop Plan

Our expert PowerSchool trainers develop a custom training plan specific to your district, with options for both on-site and remote training.

3. Train

We educate your staff to the get most out of PowerSchool, unlocking the keys to PowerSchool features that save time and money for your district.

4. Continuing Education

Staff turnover and changes in businesses processes happen. Our annual training contracts help your district stay in front of unforeseen hurdles.

Our PowerSchool Experts work with your district or school to address your specific needs.

Our instructor was terrific: smart, capable, and highly experienced. She explained things in a way that made it easy for everyone to understand. Appropriate pacing is key to an effective technology training, and our instructor was thorough and clear. Most importantly, she exhibited grace under pressure. When unanticipated issues came up — from projection challenges to uncovering a technical issue — her calm demeanor helped reassure all of our training attendees. In addition, our instructor was flexible and accommodating when we decided to change the agenda part-way through the training. We were very happy with her and would request her again should additional PowerSchool training needs arise at our school.

Chinese American International School Logo

Kerri Willa

Director of Educational Technology, Chinese American International School

PowerSchool Insights & News

Help Your District Thrive with Custom PowerSchool Training

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