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Web ADA Compliance Services in Sacramento

Make sure all your digital content is ADA compliant with the help of our compliance experts.

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Partner with our ADA and WCAG experts

Our certified ADA and WCAG experts have years of experience creating ADA compliant websites and ensuring digital content such as videos, images, forms, and PDFs are compliant. Our team successfully develops solutions to solve your areas of non-compliance in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

As we review the content you put online we identify and categorize your specific areas of non-compliance. This allows us to create a strategy for how to address your most critical areas of non-compliance as efficiently as possible. ADA compliance is an ongoing effort and should be considered each time you add content to your website. It’s also important to stay up to date on the latest compliance standards.

As ADA compliance and WCAG standards/guidelines evolve so should your website. Our ADA & WCAG experts can monitor your website to ensure you avoid any risk of non-compliance.

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Take the first step towards ADA compliance by contacting our ADA & WCAG experts.

ADA Compliance for all your Digital Media

Our team has expertise in ADA compliant websites, ADA compliant fillable PDFs, and ADA Compliant Video. We work with State and local organizations to fulfill their commitment of providing citizen services that are ADA compliant. We can cater to a wide range of your needs including:

  • Convert official inaccessible PDF forms into ADA Compliant fillable PDF
  • Convert legal documents into accessible PDF that can be published to citizens
  • Generate accessible PDF receipts for citizens after they complete transactions on self-service portal
  • Perform ADA compliance test on documents and resolve any issues
  • Old videos that require captioning for compliance

Language is no impediment, we can transform documents not in English into accessible documents to serve your diverse audience.

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Why you should care about digital content accessibility?

Even if you have no legal requirement to meet WCAG’s recommendations there are still some compelling reasons you should follow them as best you can. Similar to using SEO to optimize keywords on a website, ADA compliance optimizes your digital content for individuals with disabilities who should be a target market just like everyone else. Other reasons to create an ADA compliant website include:

Avoid a potential lawsuit

As a business it’s always best to be on the side of compliance and avoid any potential lawsuits.

Many recommendations are simple

There are lots of free tools that can assist you in identifying potential accessibility problems and often fixing them is very simple.

Most recommendations relate directly to SEO

Google likes accessibility and following the WCAG standards often result in a great way to add additional content such as images, videos, and captions.

You increase your audience and/or make them happy

A significant percentage of the population is disabled and will use your website with assistive technologies that heavily rely on you building your site correctly.

The World Wide Web doesn’t have officers patrolling around making sure your website follows ADA guidelines but is a costly lawsuit a risk you’re willing to take?

Our personalized ADA website design process

1. Initial Consultation

In our initial consultation we identify your specific areas of non-compliance.

2. ADA Compliance strategy

After we identify your areas of non-compliance, we outline a comprehensive strategy to meet ADA compliance standards

3. ADA/WCAG Development

With a strategy in place our certified ADA compliance web design team coordinates with you through the entire process.

4. Continued ADA Support

As your website and standards evolve our team can continue to ensure your website maintains compliance.

Avoid the risks of non-compliance with the help of our ADA experts

Latest ADA Compliance Services News

Kick-start your user experience strategy to grow your business.

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