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Our team has over 15 years of experience working directly within the PowerSchool State Compliance team. Working as a contractor within the PowerSchool services department, we have inside knowledge to be able to create the reports your district requires.

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Custom PowerSchool Reports, Including HTML Report Cards, Object Reports, and Enterprise Reporting

Our certified PowerSchool customization experts can create unique reports for your district. One of the great benefits of PowerSchool is the ability to customize almost everything and create any sort of report your district needs. Our team of School Information System (SIS) experts has created hundreds of state reports throughout the United States and Canada. And through our partnership with the PowerSchool services team, we have generated custom HTML report cards for districts that can be printed out in both English and Spanish. Whether you need a simple internal report summarizing data, or a complex student report card, our team has the knowledge to get your data out of PowerSchool in the format you need.
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Streamline your processes with custom reports for your school or district!

Custom HTML Pages that are Printable Reports

The most flexible reporting method in PowerSchool is to build customer HTML pages that pull the exact data your district requires, and also provides for a high-quality look and feel to your reports. Limitations by other reporting technologies often lead to the custom HTML reports, even though they can be more time consuming to build. The adjacent report is an example of a custom HTML based Individual Exit Report for (North Wasco Co.) This report is used by the district to provide summary information for a student upon exiting the district.

Summary information includes:

  • Absences and tardy counts/percentages
  • Standardized test score results
  • Current schedule
  • Grades for the current year
  • Entry/Withdrawal information while in the district
  • Special program information (program name, entry/withdrawal dates)
  • Immunization information
  • Basic demographic information
Screenshot Example of printable custom PowerSchool report

Our independent PK-8 school hired Capitol Tech Solutions (Chuck Merkle and Tim Newton) to develop online report cards for PowerSchool, our newly implemented student information system. Our timing was tight and our needs complex as we catered to the needs of three different school divisions. Tim and Chuck quickly turned around high quality products, and were very responsive and easy to work with during the development process. In addition, they resolved issues quickly and were patient and meticulous in accommodating our requests for design tweaks. We would enthusiastically recommend their services to other schools for PowerSchool customization!

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PowerSchool Enterprise Reporting (APEX)

PowerSchool’s newest reporting technology is Oracle’s Enterprise Reporting Tool. While it allows complex custom data pulls, it is limited in design features. If you need straight grids of data to view, enterprise reporting is your best option. Here are some examples of what we have built for PowerSchool customers:

Screenshot of PowerSchool attendance summary report

Attendance & Membership Report by Student

  • Grouped by grade level, with grade level summary
  • Date range support
  • Excused/Unexcused Tardies by student
  • Excused/Unexcused Absences by student
  • Percent Present/Absent
Screenshot of PowerSchool progress report

Progress Report by Student

  • Credits earned and in progress
  • GPA by term code
  • Membership in various programs
  • Grades/Percent by period
  • Count of grades by letter type (A to F, Incomplete, Pass)

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