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PE Time Tracker Customization

Our custom PowerSchool PE time tracker application integrates directly into PowerSchool, allowing an easy data collection method for teachers, and allows your district to be legally compliant.

Photo of an elementary school teacher teaching a student using a tablet.

Tracking California State Required Elementary PE Minutes

In California, elementary schools are required to provide a minimum of 200 PE minutes every 10 school days for students in grades 1- 6. A recent court judgment in California also mandates that schools monitor, track and report compliance with the 200-minute minimum for 3 years. To help schools and district comply with the regulations, CTS has developed a solution to enter, track and publicly report PE minutes directly in PowerSchool. In addition, districts can display current PE time, at the teacher and/or school level, on public forums such as the district website to demonstrate compliance.
Photo of elementary school students participating in a PE class

Streamline your PE time tracking with our easy-to-use PowerSchool app.

Teachers & Administrators

Each teacher that must track PE minutes enters his/her time directly in PowerTeacher. Teachers know they must enter time for each class that has an active basketball icon. Administrators can then monitor teacher data entry in PowerSchool, following up with teachers directly or editing as necessary.

Publicly Report

For districts that want to publicly display current PE minutes, CTS has created a script to display PE minutes by school and/or teacher which can be added to your website. See how one California district using CTS’ solution currently displays PE minutes (select Elementary PE Time Reports in the left hand menu).
PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing statistics for a particular week
PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing a high-level overview of the Year-to-date attendance percentages with respect to attendance codes, grade levels, ethnicity, weeks and previous year
PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing statistics on grades with respect to Special Ed status, Ethnicity, and overall.

[Driscoll and Babin are] just going to keep going after folks […] I think they’re going to pick off groups of districts.

Michael Fine

Deputy superintendent for the Riverside Unified School District, one of the districts named in the lawsuit, Cal200 and Marc Babin v. San Francisco Unified School District et al.

No CA district is safe from a potential lawsuit. Make sure you’re in compliance.

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Make sure your district complies with CA law.

Our PowerSchool PE time tracker makes it easy. Contact us.

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