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Capitol Tech Solutions has provided custom development services directly to PowerSchool since 2007. Starting in their State Compliance Department, CTS’s developers wrote state compliance reports in over 20 states, including California, Washington, Arizona, Mississippi, Ontario Canada, Idaho, Utah, South Carolina, and Texas. Our PowerSchool developers are intimately familiar with the SIS database structure, and have written thousands of queries to pull attendance, roster, transcript, special program, and other data available out of PowerSchool. Through direct integration into the state compliance team, we became experts in JavaScript, Angular.js, Oracle SQL, and the PowerSchool application. In 2013, we expanded our relationship with PowerSchool and engaged as the lead technical contact for the PowerSchool API and partner program. Through this program, we developed PowerSchool customizations that districts install through plug-ins, and assisted many partners with PowerSchool integrations. We continue this vital role for PowerSchool today as they move towards a Unified Classroom Experience.

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Custom PowerSchool Plug-in Development

Our team is the lead technical resource for the PowerSchool ISV Partner Program, and over the past 5 years has engaged with hundreds of PowerSchool partners throughout the globe to integrate cutting edge applications through Plug-ins and PowerQueries into the PowerSchool eco system. Not only did we advise ISV partners technically, but also actively engaged in developing customizations for the partners so their applications integrate seamlessly with PowerSchool. These integrations can easily be deployed as a plug-in, which allows both districts and companies an easy path to integration.

We also engage school districts directly, assisting with their processes in integrating their various systems, including Transportation, Mobile Apps, Library Software, HR software, Special Ed tools, Counselor tools, and other systems school districts require on a daily basis. We serve as the Database Administrator (DBA) for our district clients, and replace the need for a full time FTE Database Administrator. Not only do districts save money, but our firm provides a range of services, from SIS database experts to data visualization developers, we provide the tools IT managers rely on to show their district successes to their boards.

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As a trusted PowerSchool Certified Partner, see how we can work with your district to maximize your business processes through the PowerSchool application.

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PowerSchool Customization, API, and Data Experts

State Required
PE Time Tracker

In California, elementary schools are required to provide a minimum of 200 PE minutes every 10 school days for students in grades 1-6. A recent court judgment in California also mandates that schools monitor, track and report compliance with the 200 minute minimum for 3 years. To help schools and district comply with the regulations, CTS has developed a solution to enter, track and publicly report P.E. minutes directly in PowerSchool. In addition, districts can display current PE time, at the teacher and/or school level, on public forums such as the district website to demonstrate compliance.

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PowerSchool SIS
API Experts

CTS has been the lead consultant for the PowerSchool API team for over 3 years. When PowerSchool partners start with PowerSchool, our API experts are the first point of contact for technical expertise for the PowerSchool API. We have a vast knowledge of the 3 main integration points in PowerSchool: SSO, the API, and customizations. We have worked with many companies looking to integrate with PowerSchool, and continue to be the go to experts for interacting directly with PowerSchool.

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CALPADS Reporting

Our consulting team can assist in getting your school or district through Fall 1, Fall 2 and EOY CALPADS reporting. We emphasize the ongoing process of data management for more efficient reporting and can assist in getting your data team on track to meet all of California’s CALPADS reporting requirements. Based on your needs and level of experience working in the CALPADS environment, our consultants will provide you with customized training and ongoing support.

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Mike Conolly Vice President of PowerSchool's Compliance Technology organization
"As Vice President for PowerSchool's Compliance Technology organization since 2010 as well as the Director of Product Management prior to that I have had the opportunity to work closely with Bobby Reed and Capitol Tech Solutions. Through that time I have contracted many of their engineers for the state reporting work that we deliver to forty-six states and provinces across North America. Capitol Tech Solutions has been consistent in providing quality resources who specialize in state reporting. Aside from the internal PowerSchool Compliance team, they have by far the most extensive knowledge of K12 compliance needs for PowerSchool. Their involvement with state reporting goes back ten years with the product. In addition to compliance they also have comprehensive experience across all of the PowerSchool product having developed numerous custom features for school districts as well as being the selected company to work closely with our other certified partners to help them integrate. When customers ask for specific development or services help that I am not in a position to provide, Capitol Tech Solutions is the first company that I recommend them to."

Mike Connolly, Vice President of PowerSchool Compliance Technology

Oliver Wreford Vice President
"I’ve worked with Capitol Tech Solutions for strategic development projects since they were brought on in 2007 to the state compliance department. Since the beginning, they showed an incredible ability to solve the unique technical challenges PowerSchool presents. Their success stems from their experience in creating reports in state compliance and developing difficult SQL queries to extract all PowerSchool data. Their team was always used as a go to resource when difficult problems needed to be completed on time. Several years later, after the CTS team grew as a vital state compliance resource, I was able to engage with their team again to advise our partners on the technical aspects of the API and customizations. CTS did an excellent job working with our partners to help them achieve success in their integrations with PowerSchool. I strongly recommend the CTS for you data, customization, or integration projects, and are confident, based on their excellent work within multiple groups at PowerSchool, that they will be an excellent resource for your team."

Oliver Wreford, Vice President, Product & Marketing
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