Software Development is the core business at Capitol Tech Solutions. Our first product was a custom hybrid cloud application used for political campaigns. From there, we have built desktop applications, Cloud based platforms, mobile apps, and custom database solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. If you have an idea, our team can engage with you to scope out the project, generate projects specifications, write a project plan, and then develop and test the application. We handle the entire software development lifecycle, so you can focus on your business. Our developers, based in Sacramento, CA, have expertise in programming languages, including .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Angular.js, Node.js, and Meteor. Also, we have vast experience in database applications, including MSSQL, Oracle, and MySQL.

Cloud Based Software Solutions

Cloud Based Software Solutions

We develop secure and scalable cloud based solutions so businesses can thrive online. Our team works hard to understand your unique business needs, and can work with you to develop a scope of work you can use to complete your project. Once the requirements are defined, our team will design and develop your application from the ground up. Our developers work hand in hand with our UI and UX designers to deliver a fully functional solution for your business.

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Software Consulting Service

Software Consulting

Don’t know where to start with your project? Not a problem, our Software Consulting staff can work with you on your project, help you define your goals and how an application can achieve that, and the best way to tackle your project. We not only help you understand your project, but will give you a good idea of timeline and costs, and potential speed bumps along the way. A well specified project can lead to savings in the long run, and our team of experts can help you identify what is critical vs a wish list item.

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Custom Application Development

Custom Built Proprietary Applications

We can help shape your internal networking work environment to be highly secure while losing no connectivty speed loss. Your devices will be protected from external breach attempts and virus free - if devices are somehow breached we will catch it and help restore/repair any malicious or accidental data loss/corruption.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps are a powerful way to provide audiences an easier way to access your system or to engage with your audiences through realtime notifications, updates and alerts. We can help your business with the development and design of a custom mobile application that works on both iPhone and Android devices.

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Software Development

Database Development

System monitoring not only helps in catching security breaches, but can also be used to detect the health and performance of internal devices, such as modems, routes, and computers. Detecting and repairing is often painless and fast when caught early. Our team can monitor all your devices in your system's work environment to help ensure you are always up and running while also remaining secure.

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Need Software Assistance for your business? We can help! Tell us a little about your website and we'll schedule a time to talk more.