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Custom Database Development Solutions

At CTS our database solutions are fast and well organized while also providing scalable options for your application as it grows.

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Web Database Development Experts

A well-designed custom database can be an extremely powerful tool to help streamline internal processes and workflows while providing layers of organization that are hard to achieve in any other format. Our database developers have years of experience developing custom databases that are well-structured to help manage the data of any scope.

Our goal is to tailor custom database solutions that provide our clients with efficient and scalable options. Our team offers in-depth expertise in a wide variety of cutting-edge database technologies, including FileMaker Pro, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and many more.

Our experience includes work with regional banks running over 30 instances of MSSQL. We have provided the best practice solutions to optimize the SQL environment, install the latest patches, and save money by consolidating applications across a few SQL instances.

Contact Capitol Tech Solutions to enhance your current database or build a brand-new database that improves efficiency and management for your business.

PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing statistics for a particular week
PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing a high-level overview of the Year-to-date attendance percentages with respect to attendance codes, grade levels, ethnicity, weeks and previous year
PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing statistics on grades with respect to Special Ed status, Ethnicity, and overall.

These are BI dashboards integrated into PowerSchool that show teachers and staff attendance and grade statistics down to the student level.

Our database developers can help you achieve your goals! Take the opportunity to enhance your business!

Database Development Services

Capitol Tech Solutions understands the importance of business data, so we offer a range of database development services.

Children’s Hunger Alliance was very pleased with this FileMaker Pro Solution and highly recommends the FileMaker Pro Program and Chuck Merkle for other FileMaker Projects. Any agency and staff using this program can expect to be highly satisfied.

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Charlie Kozlesky

Senior Vice President, Nutrition, Children’s Hunger Alliance

Let our FileMaker Pro experts streamline your next project.

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Database Technologies we have experience with

  • Oracle SQL
  • MSSQL (Microsoft Partners)
  • Azure Cloud Database (Microsoft Partners)
  • FileMakerPro
  • Microsoft Access
  • Azure Tables (Microsoft Partners)
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
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Database Development Process

1. Analysis

We define the technology needed to meet your business goals.

2. Design

We devise a potential solution that meets your requirements and present decision-makers with a detailed scope.

3. Implement

We create a functional system that matches the design requirements with the best tools for implementation.

4. Test

We test performance in real-world scenarios to make sure they’re working properly.

5. Deploy

Our team assists in rolling out a scalable solution, finalizing the journey from concept to reality.

6. Maintain

CTS is a partner in your success, constantly monitoring how your database is performing.

Improve your efficiency and management with our database services! Our team is happy to help!

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Need a fast, well-organized database solution to power your business?

Our team can help. Contact us to get started.

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