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Code Review

Expert Code Analysis ensures you’re equipped with the knowledge to succeed.

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Static Code Analysis helps prevent future disasters

Imagine you have just launched a new software application that received great buzz and is now starting to blow up! Can your application handle the new user load or will an unforeseen bug put a wrinkle in your plans? Our team of code review experts has the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure your application meets industry standards, find bugs you have not discovered yet, and document opportunities for the best coding practices.

Whether you have developed the app in-house or engaged with our team to build your solution, we can assist you. Our team of experts provides a manual review, automated review using industry-leading code review tools, and some security analysis services based upon your specific requirements.

Our code review services are not just limited to your source code. We can also optimize your database or validate your security requirements.

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Is your code up to industry standards? Get a code check done today.

Code Check Services

Each product or application is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your business objectives:

  • Static Code Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Database Analysis
  • SQL Best Practices
  • User Permission Analysis
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Our Code Review Process

1. Learn your Application Objective

Knowing your overall business goals helps us understand your short and long term objectives.

2. Code Review Tools

We run industry leading tools that check for best practices and potential unforeseen bugs.

3. Manual Review

Our software experts review your code to help understand the maintainability in the future.

4. Detailed Documentation

When analysis is completed, we provide detailed and specific documentation so you optimize your application.

We hired CTS to do our code analysis, and they provided us with a detailed report to optimize our code, and recommendation for our database environment. The process was smooth and easy, and our business has been growing quickly for over a year with no major hiccups.

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Don’t know where to start for a code review? Contact us for our 30 point code review check list that is just a starting point.

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Ensure your code is bug-free and scalable.

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