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How to stage a photoshoot for the web

April 19, 2017

Recently, we took a trip to the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve in Carmichael to do a photo shoot for their new website we created. We had a great experience, and wanted to share some photography tips that not only help create a great website, but that can be beneficial for all of your Digital Marketing.

NationBuilder: A comprehensive online tool for political and fundraising campaigns.

December 20, 2016

Traditionally a combination of separate online tools would be used and managed with their own logins, interfaces, and support. An example might be using WordPress for a blog, MailChimp for newsletters and email audience engagement, Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and PayPal as a payment gateway and invoicing tool.

Migrating your online store to Shopify

December 15, 2016

Earlier this year migration from Magento to Shopify was announced to receive a major overhaul so that the process was simpler and more compatible. Already we've began the process of helping a client with that very process. Shopify is continuing to make efforts to help that process extend over to even more platforms including BigCommerce, Volusion and Mozu.

2016 Q3 Website Designs

September 30, 2016

The fall has technically began despite the high temperatures and the CTS team has rolled out some new fully responsive websites. The site designs include some nice animation effects with both light and dark design themes. Quarter 4 of this year is loaded with some very exciting new projects and website designs that we look forward to showing you in the upcoming months.

Help, I broke my WordPress site!

September 19, 2016

That is a call our web design team often receives from small businesses who have a site developed on the WordPress platform. While there can be many reasons for the issue, the underlying cause is generally the same; the technology is constantly changing, which means your WordPress themes and plugins need to change as well, and updating them (or not updating them!) can cause problems. Without a true partner in the web business, you could be left with a website that doesn’t function properly, leading to a wasted investment.

Midtown businesses buy building for $1.925 million

August 08, 2016

After years of looking, two midtown Sacramento businesses have found and bought permanent homes. Escrow closed last week on the purchase of 2831 G St. by Capitol Tech Solutions and Midtown Dental Group. The property on two parcels includes a two-story, 10,000-square-foot office building and 24 parking spots, a considerable number for many midtown buildings.

Typography in Web Design

August 05, 2016

Typography has been important for printed materials, though it has not always been as important for the web. Modern web design techniques have been changing this quite significantly and researchers are finding that typography can play a huge role in design and has a measurable impact on your readers.

How Featured Snippets can drive traffic to your website

July 29, 2016

You may have noticed how in many question based searches Google now offers answers before requiring you to actually go to a website. This is what has been coined a "Featured Snippet" and really has nothing to do with any code you placed on a page, but rather how Google is displaying an answer to a question based search in their search egine.

Boost your walk-in customers using Pokemon Go

July 22, 2016

No doubt you've already heard about Pokemon Go and you've likely seen people of all ages walking around stairing into their phones playing it. Not only is Pokemon Go a huge gaming fad right now, but it's also a great opportunity to bring in business. Businesses' all across the states are reporting huge boosts in their walk-in sales using some fairly inexpensive tactics.

Capitol Tech Solutions Honored with 2016 Top 10 Best Web Design Firms Award

July 16, 2016

Capitol Tech Solutions, a Sacramento web design firm, was named a winner of the 2016 "Top 10 Best Web Design Firms" award by Top Design Firms, a nationally recognized authority in internet site design. Capitol Tech Solutions beat out thousands of other competitors throughout the country to take home these prestigious honors.

Effective Facebook Advertising

July 06, 2016

Facebook advertising performs significantly better than many other forms of digital marketing that I've tried. For email marketing I've found anywhere around 1-2% is pretty average and that's very similar for Google AdWords. For Facebook advertising I've found 2% to actually be a low performance number and have seen highs above even 10%. That's pretty incredible to have 1 out of every 10 viewers click on your ad!

Ready for a Website Overhaul? Learn from Our Expert Panel! July 27 at Cafe Bernardo

June 27, 2016

Let's face it --our website is a key portal to our company and our brand. It's typically the first impression customers see and work with and a keystone of our marketing efforts. If a website overhaul or refresh is in your future, don't go it alone! Learn from the experience of our speakers and your fellow marketing professionals!


June 24, 2016

The summer has officially begun. This latest quarter we've produced more outstanding and fully responsive website designs, many featuring some subtle and impressive animation effects. If you ever see any animation effects on sites that we've designed and would like to see something similar on your side please reach out to us. Animation effects can be a great way to highlight your page's content and grab your viewers' attention.

Removing Google Analytic Spam to increase web traffic accuracy

June 17, 2016

As a web design and digital marketing company, it is important to us to present out clients with accurate web traffic data. Unfortunately, there are a both spam bots and monitoring services that access your site and skew your analytic results. We will focus on setting up filters today to attempt to only show results of human eyeballs viewing the site, not computer generated spam or monitoring services. This will more accurately reflect how real people interact with your website...

Event: Website Need An Overhaul? Ask Our Experts May 25!

May 19, 2016

Let's face it --our website is a key portal to our company and our brand. It's typically the first impression customers see and work with. Is yours getting a bit dowdy? Been a few years since it's been updated or created? Does it accurately reflect your firm's products and services? If a website overhaul or refresh is in your future, then you have to attend AMA Sacramento Valley's May 25th session on surviving your next website update.

2016 Q1 Website Designs

March 28, 2016

March was a great month and our team finished making some great looking websites. All our websites are designed to be fully responsive so that they look great no matter what size your screen is and no matter what device you're using to look at it with. Check them out!

PowerSchool Services Division

March 05, 2016

Are you ready for the CA Custom Field Data Migration? Will your migration be successful? Will you lose data? Our developers were part of the team that WROTE the migrations for PowerSchool in California, and can now help you migrate without issues.

3 Things you may not have considered when you decided to design your own website instead of hiring a professional firm

February 29, 2016

I'll start by assuming a couple things: (1) you may be tech savvy, but aren't very comfortable working with website languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and (2) you will be attempting to use some kind of software to build your website.

Monthly Newsletter

December 03, 2015

This month we launched our 131st website. Our Facebook page surpassed 200 likes. Like us today if you don't already! We are currently looking to hire some more web designers, web developers, and content & marketing writers.

Monthly Newsletter

November 02, 2015

After a 2 years hiatus our Newsletter is back and here to stay. We are planning to send out a newsletter each month to keep you updated with both our company and the tech industry as a whole.