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Leading HubSpot Partner Capitol Tech Solutions Offers Dedicated Support With Expert, Certified Staff

by | March 11, 2022

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User Experience Team Obtains HubSpot Certifications To Provide Top-Tier Service To Clients Seeking Certified HubSpot Partner

To become the leading HubSpot partner in Sacramento, Capitol Tech Solutions tasked its User Experience Team with becoming fluent in the customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

CTS staff possess five HubSpot Academy certifications, allowing our team to leverage that knowledge to create lead-generation funnels for clients like eFundraising Connections, a political and nonprofit credit card processing solution, and CREtelligent, a real estate technology company. 

“There are three main hubs that you work within HubSpot,” said Kevin Olson, the user experience specialist leading HubSpot initiatives for clients. “You have the service hub, the marketing hub, and the sales hub. At the center of it all is the CRM system. They all work collaboratively to really achieve an organization’s goals.”

Capitol Tech Solutions expanded its commitment to customer satisfaction when the digital transformation agency enrolled in the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program in May 2021. The program allows partners to differentiate themselves based on their expertise and credentials.

Leverage the benefits of HubSpot with the help of our HubSpot experts.

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The User Experience Team’s HubSpot credentials include Solutions Partner, email marketing, social media marketing, Service Hub Software, and Marketing Software.

“Whether you’re new to user experience or have been doing it for a while, these courses will teach you something that you didn’t know before,” Olson said. “HubSpot does a great job at providing resources that you can utilize for future clients.”

How CTS Helps Clients Optimize Their HubSpot Accounts

HubSpot offers a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management, each supported with a “hub.” The three hubs Olson consults clients on how to operate and automate include:

  • Marketing Hub
    • To attract and engage new customers by creating relevant personal marketing
  • Sales Hub
    • Build efficient processes to engage prospects and turn them into customers
  • Service Hub
    • To connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and ultimately have them become promoters of the organization

“These three hubs work together to achieve that common goal of turning a user from an anonymous person to eventually a promoter of your organization,” Olson said. “It works best when all the tools are being utilized. To have one hub going and not the others, it works, but it would be best to have all teams involved.”

The automation that HubSpot offers streamlines business processes, tracking everything from identifying a lead to when a company salesperson closes the deal. HubSpot houses it all, including email correspondence, documentation, and support ticket tracking.

The User Experience Team creates custom workflows within the CRM platform and trains organization leadership, marketing staff, and salespeople on how to use these workflows to be more efficient.

“Our job is to set up your hub or hubs, get them ready and running smoothly, and train your team in person, virtually, and with video tutorials to the point where you can manage your HubSpot account, and we’re there to support if needed,” Olson said.

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