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Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads for your business. Our team of certified online advertising experts have years of experience creating customized online ads that lower your customer cost per conversion, maximizing your advertising dollars and help you reach a larger active audience.

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Why CTS for your Digital Advertising Partner?

Posting to social media is surprisingly simple. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat and other social platforms make it easy to use their forums for your advertising spend. Creating ads that encourage engagement, convert the audience and effectively use your budget to generate leads requires technical and analytical expertise.

At CTS, we have years of experience advertising on social media platforms and understand the complexity of what is required to run successful ads. We look at the ad holistically, from the target audience to the media as well as the user experience and the final conversion goal. We then monitor, adjust, optimize, and tweak the ads to drive conversions. Our team of experts is always working to optimize and refine our strategy to ensure we deliver the best results to our clients.

Our social media advertising plans are designed to work within your budget, and each plan comes with a combination of our marketing experts and our paid advertising experts. Together, we’ll customize a plan that works for you, and promotes your cause or sell your services. Each social media platform attracts a different audience. Selecting the right one for your business is critical. From the beginning, we help manage the right platform for YOUR audience

We also leverage our team of web experts to build effective landing pages, which leads to higher conversions and more effective advertising spend. Interested in building your social media marketing engagement organically? Check out our organic social media services.

Contact CTS today, and leverage our experts to optimize your social media advertising budget!

Get Better Social Media Advertising Results with our Team of Experts

Companies often ask how much of a difference our team of experts can make vs doing ads in house. The answer is “A Lot!” With each project, we have a team of experts that works on your campaigns to deliver better results. Below is a summary of what we are great at.

Analytics and Conversions

Ultimately each campaign has a conversion, which is the ultimate measure of success. Click through rate (CTR), impressions, and reach are metrics a social platform will give you, but ultimately you want sales or leads. Our Google Analytics experts optimize your site to make sure we are tracking conversions.

Landing Page Design

A good landing page helps sell. If the content does not match the ad, or you just drive traffic to a home page, it could be like throwing money onto a fire. We’ve managed hundreds of landing pages, and often A/B test various pages to optimize the conversion rate.

Effective Graphics per Platform

Each platform has its strengths, and having the right graphic is critical for the right platform. From eCommerce lifestyle images to motion graphics, our in-house graphic designers can take your brand and position it ideally for the social platform.

Monitoring and Adjusting

We like to A/B test our ads and demographics. We create sometimes hundreds of permutations of the demographic and the ad. And we monitor closely, disposing of ads that aren’t working in certain demographics, and brainstorming new ones to determine what works best.

Quality Score Optimization

With Google or Bing ads, we work to optimize our Quality Score, which makes our ad dollars go farther. Based on the keywords, ads, and landing pages, we aren’t satisfied until we nail our quality.

Audience Research

With social media, you can get very granular in your demographic and target audience. We work with you to understand your audience and try to think like your audience. We bring the whole office together and brainstorm on how our team would go about finding your service.


Once we have a potential new customer on the hook, we retarget them, knowing they showed an interest in our customer. Retargeting campaigns have a higher click through rate and typically a lower spend, making them a must for all campaigns.

Marketing Expertise

Our marketing experts work directly on our client’s projects. With years of marketing experience, our experts have in-depth knowledge on how to successfully market brands both large and small, and monthly meetings provide insights into best practices and latest trends.

Mobile Digital Advertising

Today people are constantly on the move, but you can reach them on their mobile device through geo targeting strategies that reach users in a specific location with your effective messaging directly on their phones.

As of 2019, Social Media Members in the US are at an All Time High

229.9 million Facebook US Audience

100.5 million Instagram Audience

68 million Twitter Audience

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See our Amazing Results from our Social Media Marketing Efforts:

Find out how Rotary Club of Sacramento achieved record turnout for their Sacramento Century Challenge event.

Our Digital Advertising Process

1. Partnership & Discovery

We meet face to face to learn about your business, then create a strategy customized to your specific business goals.

2. Digital Platform Research

Based upon your target audience, our team determines the best social media platforms for your advertising spend.

3. Strategy Implementation

With your advertising platforms selected, our team creates the media and implements an evolving ad campaign.

4. Digital Metrics Analysis

Analyzing your ads based on conversion rates show us what is working, and how we can continue to improve.

Digital Advertising Platforms

Digital advertising has a ton of platforms, but we like to focus our efforts on a few of the largest players.

Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook
  • Intagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • LinkedIn

Digital Radio Advertising

  • Pandora
  • Spotify

Search Engine Advertising

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

Ecommerce Advertising

  • Houzz
  • Google Shopping
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads

Display Advertising

  • Google Display Ads
  • AdRoll
  • Direct Websites

Robert, Sara, Jeremy and Marik were professional, helpful and creative in developing a website that my organization needed to expand and improve our online functionality, content and branding. We love our new website. Thank you Capitol Tech Solutions.

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CEO, Fortune & Associates

Contact CTS today, and leverage our experts to optimize your social media advertising budget!

Online Marketing Certifications

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What is Possible with Social Media Advertising

Targeted ads are often the most effective forms of advertising as they attempt to focus on niche audiences that are most in-line with the desired audience. There are tons of demographics that can be targeted, and that list keeps growing in this age of increasing data collection. In addition, audience lists can be purchased from organizations that focus on collecting and sorting through user data for the specific purpose of selling audience lists. See how our online advertising made a difference for local business in our case studies below.

Online Advertising Insights & News

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