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IoT Solution Development Services

At CTS, we work with clients to develop IoT devices from concept to reality. Our application developers and data visualization experts capitalize on our partnerships with hardware vendors to provide a complete IoT solution.

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IoT: Secure, Scalable, Manageable

Internet of Things is a huge network of connected devices that collects and shares data with one another through the Internet. IoT connects billions of devices which can increase productivity in the workplace and improve various aspects of everyday life.

IoT is a trending topic because of the endless innovative opportunities it offers ranging from thermostats to wearable technology and children’s toys. For example, a home smart lock is connected to a smart phone application; the ability to control the smart lock from the app makes the lock an IoT device.

Our team has been developing IoT devices since 2009, when we built a cloud infrastructure for the first wireless thermostat available at Home Depot (yes, before the Nest!), and continue to be innovative in the IoT technology space. We recently helped a client launch a new cellular thermostat based on the Cat M1 network, removing the WiFi connectivity issues they were experiencing and keeping their costs of data below one dollar ($1) per month.

Internet of Things helps efficiencies improve, monitoring, asset tracking, compliance, and offers high tech presentation. Contact Capitol Tech Solutions to create a better experience in your workplace or home today!

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The CTS team has been an instrumental partner for our energy efficiency business. We started with their software development services, and they delivered an industry leading application that sold itself. We then partnered on new hardware, and we are seeing business take off, all due to their technical expertise and assistance.

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Senior Account Manager, Capitol Energy Systems

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Our IoT Development Process

1. Discover

We understand your business objectives and we show how our role can help you achieve IoT success.

2. Architect

We devise a potential solution that meets your requirements and present decision makers with a detailed scope.

3. Implement

Use proven Lean SAFe® approach to incrementally deliver software, hardware, firmware, and analytics.

4. Test

We take our prototypes and test them in our lab in real world scenarios to make sure they’re working properly.

5. Deploy

Our team assists in rolling out a scalable solution, finalizing the journey from concept to reality.

6. Monitor

CTS is a partner in your success, constantly monitoring how your application is performing.

Our IoT experts can help you create the next cutting-edge IoT experience! Contact us to elevate your Digital Presence!

Developing IoT Solutions Across Markets and Business Segments

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