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Digital Transformation Services

We optimize your business processes using digital solutions to increase your revenue and reduce manual costs.

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Why Pursue Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all business processes. It fundamentally changes how you operate and deliver your valuable customer experience.

But it’s also a cultural change requiring organizations to continually rethink old operating models, experiment more, and develop the agility to respond to their customers quickly.

Enterprise-wide digital transformation will enhance your organization’s ability to improve customer relationships by embracing emerging technology to achieve business innovation and change the business culture to meet new business goals for digital projects and digital processes.

Capitol Tech Solutions will show you how to successfully leverage the latest digital platforms to optimize your business process and maximize your current customer data.

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Developing A Digital Transformation Strategy

1. Understanding Your Business

Capitol Tech Solutions reviews your business and your goals to best understand how we can leverage our knowledge of digital platforms to transform your business.

2. Outline Strategy

We identify your pain points and build a strategy to improve your process and optimize your use of your current customer data to build a competitive edge on the competition.

3. Strategy Implementation

Our strategy is implemented using an agile approach with key milestones outlined to monitor progress and ensure we’ve taken all aspects of the digital transformation into consideration.

4. Review Success Metrics

Leveraging new technologies, we closely track key performance indicators to adapt and adjust your digital processes and long-term plan, as needed and in real-time.

Improve your business processes with the help of our marketing and software digital transformation experts.

Our Digital Transformation Tools

HubSpot logo


Our HubSpot experts use HubSpot suite of capabilities of marketing automation and managing all your customer data in an actionable CRM.

Google Partner logo

Google Suite

From Google Ads to analytics our team utilizes the best of Google’s marketing suite to transform your marketing efforts.

WPEngine stacked logo


Our team leverages the best hosting environment taking the guess work out of maintaining the most important piece of your online presence.

CallRail logotype


Using CallRail our marketing experts can track and monitor inbound leads ensuring our clients can see their ROI and review inbound lead calls with ease.

Shopify & WordPress logo

Shopify & WordPress ecosystem

Nearly half of all websites on the internet today are built on WordPress or Shopify. Our web design team uses these platforms to create scalable websites that offer a wide range of integrations.

Yext Certified Partner logo


Our knowledge and use of Yext ensures our clients business information is correct on listings across the internet with ease maximizing their potential to generate more business.

.Net logo


Our software team can upgrade your software to the latest tools to provide maximum functionality with the highest level of security.

Microsoft Azure stacked logo


Leveraging Azure, an all-in-one cloud platform with more than 200 products, our software team designs innovative solutions to transform business operations.

PowerSchool alternative logo


Our team of data scientists have years of PowerSchool to maximize your student data through custom reports and data visualization.

Claris FileMaker Pro logo

FileMaker Pro

Using FileMaker Pro our data experts create sales and date managements systems for complex enterprise solutions.

Jenkins logo


Our software team uses Jenkins to expediate and ensure your software solution is well tested and can be deployed soundly.

Snowflake logo


Implement Snowflake for your data project with the help of our data scientists to ensures your data can be leveraged with near infinite scalability.

Maximize the efficiency of your business operations with our team of digital transformation experts.

Types of Digital Transformation

Digitizing Operations

Our team will help you deploy digitalization efforts that turn interactions, communications, business functions, and business models into an omnichannel for customer service.

We’re accredited experts in automation software solutions, like HubSpot. We leverage our fluency in off-the-shelf and custom-built software services to enhance digital initiatives and new business models.

Decrease your costs while increasing your revenue with automated ticketing systems, custom workflows for repetitive tasks, and a database of contacts and customers.

User Experience

Develop a user experience plan that maximizes your budget using the proper digital channels with accurate key performance indicators (KPIs) reporting to adjust strategy as needed.

Think nimble, as consumer activity changes, we assess the data and adjust the digital transformation strategy.

New Ventures

Processes or ventures that seem too expensive become possible when using the right digital tools for the job.

We’ll advise you on the best digital technologies to automate workflows or gather data into actionable intelligence that requires little staffing to operate once created by our experienced team.

IT/Infrastructure Uplift

Ensure your most critical digital tools are optimized using the best infrastructure for the job.

We’ve helped dozens of clients migrate to the best platforms for their business needs. Our Software Development Team leverages Azure to provide analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and more.

Our web developers have completed multiple site migrations into WPEngine, a website hosting platform that provides our clients with a high degree of customization and robust servers to handle any business need.

Contact our digital transformation team to take the first step toward digitally transforming your business.

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