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PowerSchool SIS Dashboard

Visualize your district’s performance with our set of highly informative dashboards, fully integrated into PowerSchool.

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Visualize District Attendance, Behavior, and Discipline Data

Our team of PowerSchool SIS experts have created the first fully integrated PowerBI dashboards directly into PowerSchool. Developed using the latest Microsoft PowerBI technology, our dashboards provide you with critical district information that can easily be distributed to your district staff.

Our primary set of dashboards includes general attendance data, behavior data, and GPA, so you can meet your districtwide attendance goals. You can break the information down by school, grade, gender, and ethnicity. By visualizing the data, you can identify trends in your district so you can implement real changes.

In addition to our core data visualizations, our team can customize data that is relevant to your district and state. With our experience as state compliance developers and Microsoft partners, our team has the expertise to create any custom dashboard your district needs to assess your goals.

PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing statistics for a particular week
PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing a high-level overview of the Year-to-date attendance percentages with respect to attendance codes, grade levels, ethnicity, weeks and previous year
PowerSchool PowerBI dashboard showing statistics on grades with respect to Special Ed status, Ethnicity, and overall.

See Real Time Statistics Using Our Custom Dashboard

Visualize your data with our PowerSchool Dashboards, starting at just $199 per year!

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