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Let our cloud experts handle your application needs to provide a safe, secure, and scalable application infrastructure.

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At CTS, we help businesses create a cloud architecture to manage their critical business applications in a safe and reliable environment. Our team has years of experience working in the latest cloud environment on AWS and Microsoft Azure. We know how to manage the newest tools to keep your costs down and your applications always available.

Engaging with our cloud architect is often the first step in a software development project. Once we have the scope of the project and the uptime requirements, our cloud architect maps out an infrastructure that meets your needs. Our architect also helps your team understand pricing, and puts the pieces in place so the software development can build or migrate your applications.

Our cloud architect will see your project all the way through to the end, making sure the environment is optimized for the workload of your application. Even after a project is live, we monitor and address when it is necessary to scale up or scale-out.

Make sure your project is designed properly from the beginning by contacting CTS and our cloud architect experts today.

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Get your application optimized in the cloud.

Cloud Software Expertise on Microsoft Azure

Our team of cloud specialists can get your application up and running quickly on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our software team has implemented the following technologies:

  • Azure Identity Server
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Load Balancers
  • Windows VMs
  • Linus VMs
  • Cloud Database as a Service
  • Blob Storage
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CTS migrated our application from a locally hosted server to the Azure cloud seamlessly. We now have a more scalable and more secure infrastructure, and as we continue to deploy more IoT devices, our cloud-based software remains reliable. By using the latest in cloud technology, such as web aps, and Azure IoT, we have reduced our IT maintenance load, allowing our staff to focus on other projects. I highly recommend CTS and their team of cloud architects.

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Capitol Energy Systems

Cloud-Based Software Examples

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eFund Connect

eFundraising Connections entrusted us with developing their online processing application. We worked directly with their team to define and spec the requirements both functionally and visually. Developed in .NET with a MSSQL back end, and interfacing with a third party processor, the eFund Connect platform provides an interface to collect political and non-profit contributions. Users can quickly add processing accounts, and donors can give to their favorite cause or political campaign. Our cloud architects designed the infrastructure for the platform, keeping in mind the need to scale significantly during the busy election season. eFund Connect manages over 1000 unique accounts and processes over $5 Million per month for their clients.

Lecture Source Logo

Lecture Source

Lecture Source approached our team to develop their online marketplace, which exchanges college resource materials created by professors for students. With a concept in mind, we hashed out the design of the site, along with the specifications of the functionality. As a result of the team effort, Lecture Source launched their product and created a marketplace for college instructional material.

Our team developed the infrastructure on the AWS cloud since the client had a specific need to host large files, and ultimately large amounts of data. Using blob storage, we were able to keep their costs down while also ensuring that they would be able to quickly scale up.

Radio Thermostat Logo

Radio Thermostat

Radio Thermostat contacted CTS to develop their cloud platform for their Wireless Thermostat. They had the first wireless thermostat available in Home Depot (yes, before Nest) and needed a solution for users to control their HVAC online. They required not only a secure cloud infrastructure but a web interface and a mobile application as well.

Our team mapped out the infrastructure, which took into consideration the client’s complex requirements, and the need to scale up thousands of thermostats. With the infrastructure plan in place, we developed the application from the ground up using .NET, web services, and an MSSQL back end. We also engaged our iOS and Android development team who interfaced with the secure web services created in the cloud to develop an elegant and user-friendly mobile application to control home HVAC units. Over 30,000 thermostats were sold and managed by our cloud infrastructure and application.

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