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Software Testing

Our team of software developers understands quality assurance and that thorough software testing is essential for projects completed on time and on budget.

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SQA: Software Quality Assurance Experts

We utilize our team of in-house software quality assurance experts to test all of our software projects to the specifications defined at the beginning of the project. Our software testers are engaged throughout the SDLC so they understand the goals of the project and can ensure the quality of the application.

Not only does software testing find and squash bugs, but our in-house team also asks business questions and investigates usability issues. Our testing offers another set of eyes to study the design and flow of applications and also provides feedback from a user’s perspective.

Our team of software test engineers use the latest testing technologies and automated build strategies to quickly identify issues. With our expert team of local testers, our clients can rest assured that their applications are thoroughly analyzed and can withstand user load.

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CTS consistently delivers updates to our SaaS application that function well and scale with user load. Their end to end testing is always thorough. As we grow, we continue to trust CTS to deliver high quality enhancements to our eCommerce platform.

Ensure the quality of our application with the help of our software testing experts.

Top Five examples of our end testing capabilities

  • Harden your IOT and Cloud solutions for Scalability, Compatibility, Reliability, and Availability.
  • Help you meet the state and federal accessibility requirements such as WCAG 2.0 and Section 508.
  • Automate code review for security vulnerabilities, logic errors, and bugs.
  • Reduce your software delivery cycle by automation of regression and smoke test suites.
  • Beat the compliance audit by improving the code coverage and tracking whether all parts of the source code have been executed by a test procedure.
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Our quality assurance engineers can be integrated into a full software project or augment your team as a reliable small business resource.

Our Software Testing Process

1. Discover

We get to know your application and the desired functionality.

2. Architect

We design a testing implementation plan specific to your technology stack and requirements.

3. Integrate

Our team integrates the testing process into the Software Development Life Cycle.

4. Iterate

Continue to perform the same tests to ensure new code does not break existing functionality.

5. Monitor

Put pieces in place to guarantee the application maintains its integrity overtime.

Software Testing Tools and Methodologies

We use the latest tools available to test and analyze your code. We understand most application technical stack requires combination and Quality Assurance tools, so we constantly review and update our tool set and process:

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Ensure the success of your applications with the help of our software testing team.

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