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Application Modernization Services

Don’t let your old software application limit your business. Let our team of software development experts modernize your software.

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Update Legacy Software with Modern Solutions

Our team of experts help businesses on old software applications modernize their solution with the latest modern technologies. As a Microsoft Trusted Partner with years of development experience, our team has expertise in older coding solutions. From COBAL to FORTRAN, and Microsoft Access and Flash, we have worked on legacy systems that are either no longer supported, or difficult to maintain.

Our team applies modern software practices to your application migration, and discusses with you all potential options. From cloud based solutions to mobile apps, software today is much more flexible in its use, and can be in front of the customer on their mobile phone. We work with you to determine the best modernization strategy based on your budget, and get your business operating efficiently again with modern tools.

Use cases also change over time. Often, we find functions that are no longer necessary, or features that only half solve the problem. With each project, we define a project goal, and go through the existing application in detail to know what is necessary to migration, and what is no longer part of the business process.

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Don’t let your old application continue to slow down your business.

Application Modernization Strategy

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See how CEShowroom migrated from Microsoft Access to a cloud-based .NET application to continue to drive their business.

Application Migration Strategic Drivers

  • No clear ‘Line of Sight’ for application support
  • High maintenance cost
  • Falling behind with peer systems
  • Line of business changed
  • New business opportunity
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Our Application Modernization Approach

1. Assess

Application Usage, interdependencies, data types and establish how it aligns with the current business objectives.

2. Plan

Define potential solution paths, requirements, risks, resources, deliverables, cost, and schedule.

3. Implement

We then change, validate, train and roll-out the modernized app with monitoring & support.

Don’t be stuck with old broken tools that you can’t maintain. Contact CTS today to upgrade your application.

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Ensure your software is modern, lightning-fast, and bug free.

Our team can help. Contact us to get started.

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