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We are a web design agency, comprised of award-winning web designers, talented web developers, and experienced web marketers. We create stunning websites that meet your objectives, exceed your expectations, and outclass your competitors. Partner with our top rated Sacramento web design company to create an inspiring showpiece for you.

Partner With Our Web Design & Development Team

Your website is the face of your business online and is responsible for not only promoting your brand image but converting web traffic into clients or customers. For your website to effectively do this it needs to not only be a great representation of your business but also provide engaging and easy to navigate content for an intuitive user experience.

At Capitol Tech Solutions, we understand not only the importance of your established brand image but how to best leverage it through a custom website.

We have been designing and developing websites of all sizes for nearly 20 years. Let’s make your project our next success story.

PIVOT website homepage designed by capitol tech solutions Sacramento web design team displayed on a desktop, laptop and phone devices

Award Winning Web Design Agency

We are proud to be recognized by leaders in the web design industry as an innovative website development company in Sacramento.

2020 AVA Digital Gold Award for developing Sacramento PBS Station website
Mobile web award won by the Capitol Tech Solutions web design team for their mobile website design
Capitol Tech Solutions Voted #1 Sacramento Web Design Agency on Yelp
ThreeBest Rated Award for being a top three website design agency in Sacramento
Web Design 2018 Silver Winners of Davey Awards
Top 10 Sacramento
Webaward 2017 award

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Responsive Web Design

We all browse the web with our phones or tablets, and know how frustrating a web design that is not optimized can be. According to statista.com over 52% of internet traffic comes from a mobile devices. It is imperative your web design is responsive, which means it adapts seamlessly to whatever device your website visitor is viewing your site on.

Our web design team starts each project with responsive design as a requirement. Our responsive web design approach ensures the quality of the UX / UI is maintained and each device is considered during our usability audit.

The end results is a website that looks great across all devices, from phones to desktops, and reaches your audience however they want to find you. Maximize your website with a responsive design by our web design experts.

Responsive website homepage displayed on a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone

Our Web Design & Development Process

1. Research & Strategy

Before we even begin to develop your website we learn about your business, your target market and your market competition. This helps us create a website that is in line with your specific goals.

2. Site Map Creation

For us to best develop your entire website we first create a site map which outlines the number of pages and their position within your website.

3. Website Development Begins

With your website structure established we now begin the custom website design and development, starting with your homepage and a single inner page.

4. Review & Edits

Throughout the development process we provide strategically spaced review periods to ensure your feedback and edits are incorporated at every step.

5. Launch Website

When the website development and all edits requests have been completed we go live with your new website and begin growing your online presence.

Robert, Sara, Jeremy and Marik were professional, helpful and creative in developing a website that my organization needed to expand and improve our online functionality, content and branding. We love our new website. Thank you Capitol Tech Solutions.
Logo of Fortune & Associates, Shopify eCommerce Client for Capitol Tech Solutions

Rex Fortune

CEO, Fortune & Associates

Web Design Certifications

We are passionate about high quality web design, and encourage our team members to become certified in their area of expertise.

W3Schools Certified
NCSA Certified HTML
NCSA Certified Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

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Web Design Trends & Insights

Web Design Questions We Get from Our Clients

While each web design project is a unique combination of graphics and content for our clients, most clients have similar questions before we work together and as we get started. We answered a few of them here.
How much does a website cost to develop?
Pricing for websites are really all over the map. Our team did a comprehensive review of more than 20 web design agencies in the Sacramento Region, and the price varied from $300 to over $20,000 for a basic business website. Our small business WordPress websites start at $7,500 for up to a 10 page design. While it is more than some, our team adds significant value that works with you to assure your project is successful. However, pricing and options vary as we learn about your business and craft a custom solution that exceeds your expectations. Find more details about website costs in our comprehensive case study. Create a custom website for your business today with the help of our web design team (916) 443-5395.
How long does a website take to build?
Each website project is unique, but for a standard 10 page business website, we allocated 8 weeks to complete the project. The time is broken up in 2 week sections. The first two weeks is the discovery phase, as we get to know about your business, gather materials, content, and learn how we can best promote your business online. The second two weeks our designers craft a unique design custom to your business with the content and material you provided. By the end of the period, we have sign off and approval from all parties. The third two weeks we focus on filling out the website content and additional pages. The last two weeks is quality assurance, testing, and last minute changes before the website goes live. At the end of 8 weeks, you have a website you can be proud of that is live for the public to see. Ready for a new website? Contact our website design team today to begin your website project (916) 443-5395.
Once I sign a web design contract, what do I need to do to get started?
The first thing you will need to get started is to secure a domain name for your website if you do not have an established domain already. Once you have purchased your domain name, you’ll want to begin gathering any branding material you have. This include versions of your logo, fonts, color palette, images and any other graphic material you want to utilize. Beginning to think about what pages you want apart of your website and the content of those pages is also important to think about. Check out our Web Design Getting Started Guide for more details on what you need.
Will I be able to make edits to the website when it is done?
We consider a website to be an ever-changing marketing tool for you. We often say it is like a living breathing organism, constantly changing as trends, requirements, and your business or organization change. Each of our web designs is created on a Content Management System (CMS). Most of our websites are created on the WordPress CMS. In addition to using the world’s most popular CMS, we often build our websites with Divi which is a visual page builder, making website edits simple for our customers. With easy-to-use tools in place, our website design customers can easily keep their website up to date with all of their latest information.
Is the website design work done in Sacramento, CA?
All of our work is done in-house at our headquarters in Sacramento, CA. As a company, we have always been located in the downtown and midtown area of Sacramento, and plan to be a part of our local community for years to come. Being in Sacramento provides us access to great talent from UC Davis and Sacramento State, and we have made it a point to foster relationships with our local universities to recruit the best talent. While many people in our industry outsource their work to cheaper alternatives overseas, we find that working collaboratively in-house leads to the best results. We will continue to provide high-quality web design solutions to our customers from our Sacramento headquarters.
How do you decide what the website design will look like?
Each website is a unique combination of graphics, images, video, and written content that will present your business or organization in the best possible way. We start each website design project by getting to know your brand or business and how you would like it represented online. We also ask your team to provide examples of other websites and design ideas you find most appealing. We then merge those ideas with your content to come up with a unique custom web design for your business. We use that design to mock up several web pages, such as a service page, about page, contact page, and home page. These pages will demonstrate how the design of your website will flow throughout the rest of your website pages. Many of our clients get inspired by past web designs we have created, so be sure to check out our web design portfolio to help guide you in your web design project.
Will my website design look good on phones and laptops?
Yes! We make sure your website looks good on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Creating a responsive web design is our company requirement, and every website we create today is responsive. We have a rigorous testing process with every web design to make sure it displays perfectly on iPhones, Androids, laptops, and desktops. We also test the website on the top 6 most used internet browsers. Many of our clients today receive the majority of their website traffic via mobile devices, so we ensure that visitors can access all of the website information no matter which device they use.
Where do the pictures and content come from?
Pictures can either come from the client or we can provide a plethora of stock photos from iStock. You can choose your own photos, or we can choose for you and get them approved by you before we go live with your website. Content can also come from the client, but we do have an in-house content strategist who can do research to create a content calendar that includes web pages, blogs, press releases, case studies, and much more.
How do I promote my website after it's done?
As a full Digital Agency, we offer an array of Digital Marketing services to enhance your website. To help promote and market your website, we create unique digital marketing strategies that are specific to your industry, brand image, and target market. Our Digital Marketing options include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Adwords/Pay-Per-Click, eNewsletter Management, and so much more.
Can you include my social media accounts on the website?
The short answer is yes, and we highly recommend placing them in the header, footer, or sidebar. Adding visible social media icons on your website is a great way to stay connected with your visitors, increase brand recognition, and generate leads for your business.
Will the website have the SEO?
First and foremost SEO is not a singular thing that can be added to your website. SEO is a process that involves technical aspects of your website such as on page keyword usage, as well as other factors that help buildup the rank of your web pages. SEO is not an over night fix but an investment that takes a few months before you start to see results. If you are interested in long term success and can invest 6 – 12 months of time before you start to see considerable results, SEO is for you. Our team of SEO marketing experts understands what it takes to improve a website’s rank and are ready to work each month to get your business long-term results.
Does the website come with an email address?
Email addresses and websites are two separate services. However, when you host your finished website with CTS, we will include one email address at no additional cost. Additional email account management can be provided at $10 a month per account.

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