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Our team of award-winning web designers will create a stunning online website for your business that increases leads and strengthens your brand.

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Your website is the face of your business online and is responsible for not only promoting your brand image but converting web traffic into clients or customers. For your website to effectively do this it needs to not only be a great representation of your business but also provide engaging and easy to navigate content for your users.

At Capitol Tech Solutions, we understand not only the importance of your established brand image but how to best leverage it through a custom website. Our Sacramento-based team of web designers, graphic designers, web developers and account managers work collaboratively with your organization, ensuring the entire design process is successful from start to finish.

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Web Design Awards

We are proud to be recognized as a leading web design and development company in Sacramento.

ThreeBest Rated Award for Website Design
SEO Top Rated Agency of 2019 Award from SEOblog California
Voted #1 Sacramento Web Design Agency on Yelp
Web Design 2018 Silver Winners of Davey Awards
Webaward 2017 award
Top 10 Sacramento

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Responsive Web Design

Our web design team utilizes a mobile first design principle ensuring your website is optimized for mobile viewing. This results in a responsive design that looks great across all devices from phones to desktops. A mobile first approach also ensures the quality of the UX / UI is maintained no matter what device is used to view your website. Google also emphasizes the importance of having a mobile friendly website going as far as indexing mobile optimized pages first before non-mobile friendly pages. 

Our Web Design & Development Process

1. Research & Strategy

Before we even begin to develop your website we learn about your business, your target market and your market competition. This helps us create a website that is in line with your specific goals.

2. Site Map Creation

For us to best develop your entire website we first create a site map which outlines the number of pages and their position within your website.

3. Website Development Begins

With your website structure established we now begin the development of your website, starting with your homepage and a single inner page.

4. Review & Edits

Throughout the development process we provide strategically spaced review periods to ensure your feedback and edits are incorporated at every step.

5. Launch Website

When the website development and all edits requests have been completed we go live with your new website.

Robert, Sara, Jeremy and Marik were professional, helpful and creative in developing a website that my organization needed to expand and improve our online functionality, content and branding. We love our new website. Thank you Capitol Tech Solutions.
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Rex Fortune

CEO, Fortune & Associates

Web Design Certifications

We are passionate about high quality web design, and encourage our team members to become certified in their area of expertise.

W3Schools Certificate
NCSA Certified HTML
NCSA Certified Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

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Website Design Trends & Insights

Website Design Questions We Get from Our Clients

While each web design project is a unique combination of graphics and content for our clients, most clients have similar questions before we work together and as we get started. We answered a few of them here.
How much does a website cost to develop?
Pricing for websites are really all over the map. Our team did a comprehensive review of more than 20 web design agencies in the Sacramento Region, and the price varied from $300 to over $20,000 for a basic business website. Our small business WordPress websites start at $7,500 for up to a 10 page design. While it is more than some, our team adds significant value that works with you to assure your project is successful. However, pricing and options vary as we learn about your business and craft a custom solution that exceeds your expectations. Find more details about website costs in our comprehensive case study.
How long does a website take to build?
Each website project is unique, but for a standard 10 page business website, we allocated 8 weeks to complete the project. The time is broken up in 2 week sections. The first two weeks is the discovery phase, as we get to know about your business, gather materials, content, and learn how we can best promote your business online. The second two weeks our designers craft a unique design custom to your business with the content and material you provided. By the end of the period, we have sign off and approval from all parties. The third two weeks we focus on filling out the website content and additional pages. The last two weeks is quality assurance, testing, and last minute changes before the website goes live. At the end of 8 weeks, you have a website you can be proud of that is live for the public to see.
Once I sign a web design contract, what do I need to do to get started?
The first thing you will need to get started is to secure a domain name for your website if you do not have an established domain already. Once you have purchased your domain name, you’ll want to begin gathering any branding material you have. This include versions of your logo, fonts, color palette, images and any other graphic material you want to utilize. Beginning to think about what pages you want apart of your site and the content of those pages is also important to think about. Check out our Web Design Getting Started Guide for more details on what you need.

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