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Why is 4G LTE Cat M1 a game changer for IOT?

by | July 20, 2019

Photo of man with a 4G LTE Cat M1 device for IoT

At Capitol Tech Solutions we work with our clients to design build and optimize Internet of Things(IoT) applications. When discussing IoT devices that use cellular networks our clients usually have one of two comments.

The first is “I’ve heard of 5G I’ll be able to download video everywhere!” While that is true there are thousands of potential applications that need only a small amount of data and 5G is way overkill.

The second we hear is “Cellular is expensive! Don’t each of your devices have a huge monthly bill?” Today that is a false assumption as plans can be had for less than $1 per device per month.

The game changing technology that addresses both comments is 4G LTE Cat M1 a technology our team believes will change the business case for many IoT solutions. Building a successful IoT solution means being able to match the right connectivity with the right mix of technology and 4G LTE Cat M1 is the right connectivity for many IoT devices.

LTE Cat M1 is a low-power wide-area (LPWA) air interface that lets you connect Iot devices with medium data rate requirements. It was designed for cellular technology to create a faster experience using IoT applications. This typically means 375 Kb/s upload and download speeds. The low power aspect of the protocol allows for longer battery lifecycles and greater in-building range which is a key concern for our customers.

If you have an idea or a complete project don’t hesitate to contact CTS today for a consultation with our experts.

What are the benefits of 4G LTE Cat M1?

  • Wide range in coverage
  • Small module size
  • Low costs
  • Longer battery lifecycle
  • Power-efficient
  • Reduces complexity

"We need to be able to deploy our thermostats anywhere and not worry about whether or not it will connect to the network. Due to the low power requirements and high availability in buildings we decided to go with the Cat M1 Solution" said Kristi DiMatteo Senior Account Manager for Capitol Energy Systems. "We see a huge potential for this technology to change the structure and complexity of building automation systems while also getting information to the decision-makers quickly and affordably."

LTE Cat M1 provides the perfect solution for applications that do not require high bandwidth yet need constant connectivity. Key applications include:

  • Smart Cities – Street lighting traffic lights monitoring parking and waste management.
  • Smart Buildings – Security systems elevators and lighting control system.
  • Automotive & Transportation – Vehicle tracking fleet management and telematics.
  • Connected Health – Health wearables medical diagnostic devices and wheelchairs.

Optimize your business with Capitol Tech Solutions

LTE Cat M1 can be an effective low cost low bandwidth and a high building penetration option for businesses looking to optimize their processes through IoT. Our software development team at Capitol Tech Solutions has experience developing hardware from the ground up with Cat M1 modules and have incorporated those modules onto the Microsoft Azure IoT hub.

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