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Capitol Tech Solutions selected by the California Energy Commission for Software Evaluation and Assessment

by | July 24, 2019

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“We are excited to be selected by the California Energy Commission to work with their Renewables Portfolio Standards Online System,” said Bobby Reed, CEO and founder of Capitol Tech Solutions. “As a certified small business and CMAS contractor, our team is well qualified to provide high quality software solutions and consultation to state agencies. We are especially excited to be working with the Renewals Energy group in their efforts to meet state mandated renewal energy goals. This mission complements our company’s goal to be a sustainable organization, building upon our Sacramento County Sustainable Business Award from 2017.”

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What is the California Energy Commission?

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is California’s primary energy policy and is responsible for providing the state with clean energy. CEC is consistently working hard to create an energy system that is clean and modern. Their advancements in clean energy policy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy development has kept them the fifth largest economy in the world.

How did we land our first business with the State of California?

We got selected to work with the California Energy Commission through our IT CMAS contract.

In order to do business with the State of California, CMAS Services contracts must be in place. CMAS, which stands for California Multiple Award Schedule, is a program managed by the Department of General Services that provides preset prices for our services that have been assessed to be fair, reasonable, and competitive.

By obtaining our CMAS contracts, we have another tool in our toolbox to provide great solutions to state agencies who are looking for our team’s expertise’s in web development, software development, IoT solutions, and data visualizations.

Our specific service codes we have been awarded all fall under the IT Consult category. They are: Database Design, Programming, Project Management, Project Planning, Software Development, System Analysis, System Design, System Development, Website Design, and Website Maintenance. Within those services, we have been approved for the following job titles: Application Architect I, II, III, Application Developer I, II, III, Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Analyst I, Creative Media Specialist, Director I, Instructional Designer I, Instructional Technologist I, II, III, Project Manager I, II, III, and Web Designer I, II, III.

Capitol Tech Solutions is Sacramento Proud!

Being a Sacramento based company, we are proud to be recognized as one of the largest software development companies in the city. One of our many goals has always been to do business with the state. As a provider of digital services to government agencies, we understand the strict requirements and attention to detail necessary for each project and develop comprehensive solutions that improve efficiencies.

We will be utilizing our extensive expertise in software and assessment to assist the California Energy Commission in identifying opportunities for improvements throughout their user experience, for both internal and external users. We are looking forward to more opportunities to work with the State of California in the near future!

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