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Capitol Tech Solutions is Shopify’s Only Expert Partner Service Provider in Sacramento CA

by | August 15, 2017

Shopify has officially named Capitol Tech Solutions as their only Shopify eCommerce Partner in the Sacramento region

CTS is excited to become Shopify’s Only Certified Partner and Expert Ecommerce Services Provider in Sacramento CA!After four years of designing successful eCommerce website for clients utilizing the Shopify platform we are excited to announce that Shopify has officially named CTS as their only expert partner service provider in the Sacramento region.

This partnership enforces CTS’s commitment to building and setting up successful eCommerce sites for our clients using the powerful Shopify platform.

“We are very excited and honored that Shopify has named CTS their only Expert Partner Service Provider in the Sacramento region. The ability to create the custom eCommerce sites that our clients envision and partner them with such a powerful platform is a great way to set them up for future success.”
~ Bobby Reed CEO Capitol Tech Solutions

While CTS has successfully designed many eCommerce sitesusing various platforms we have found that Shopify gives our clients thegreatest ease of use customization and satisfaction. Shopify offers a robusteCommerce platform that makes selling products and services online easy andoffers smooth integration of multiple payment gateways including their own.They also understand the unique and changing needs of different business ownersand offer a vibrant 3rd party app development community. Thiscommunity offers built-in developer tools that allow companies to make uniquecustomizations to their site.

Some of our recent custom Shopify site designs include:

How to Qualify and Become a Certified Shopify Expert Service Provider?

One of the many benefits Shopify offers their users is access to strong and growing market of talented experts throughout the world. This resource includes developers designers photographers marketing specialists and more. To be considered for Shopify Expert Partner status a company must show proven Shopify experience in the form of at least five active client stores and the desire to take your business to the next level. CTS has surpassed these requirements and has now joined this elite ranking.

Why Shopify is the Best Ecommerce Solution for Small Businesses?

With the continued growth of online shopping and the advancements in digital technology e-merchants are finding that the demands of their sites are constantly evolving. Since 2013 CTS has been creating uniquely customized Shopify sites in addition to other eCommerce Websites and platforms. In our experience we have found that the Shopify platform offers the greatest number of useful features for our clients. Some of these features include:

  • Ease of expanding and customizing product lines
  • Seamless mobile device compatibility
  • Expanding geography
  • Ability to combine multiple storefronts together
  • Customer Management Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Over 1800 custom Shopify 3rd party apps
Many of our designs have included large amounts of unique customizations using Shopify’s “Liquid” API. In situations when the Liquid API could not handle the customizations our design team was able to write custom JavaScript jQuery and Angular scripts to meet our client’s needs thanks to Shopify’s unrestricted design.
Seeking an Ecommerce Solutions for your Business?

Contact Capitol Tech Solutions the Only Certified Shopify Expert Partner in Sacramento California to get Your Business Online and Generating Revenue Fast!
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