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CTS CEO Offers Knowledge to CSUS MBA Marketing Students

by | October 25, 2017

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As the CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions I am constantly on the lookout for the best future Marketing Professionals in the Sacramento Region. By consistently communicating with the great professors at Sacramento State and UC Davis I have had the opportunity to be introduced and hire many local graduates that have become key members of our team. To give back I am always looking for ways to contribute to the education of the future Business Professionals that will lead our industry in the future.

At the end of September I had the privilege of guest lecturing at California State University Sacramento’s MBA 240 Marketing Management Course taught by Professor Brian Baldus. During the course Professor Baldus challenges his students to look for real job opportunities that interest them and share them with the class. I took this opportunity to speak with the students about User Experience. My goal was to share my knowledge and experiences with User Experience how to successfully build brand awareness and using a company’s online presence to generate leads.

The bulk of my presentation was focused on generating leads for a business through digital means. The discussion included tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) paid advertising and word-of-mouth. A key point of my presentation was to stress the generation of good relevant content that answers a need or question for potential customers. Then once you have captured their interest and trust understanding the best was to convert that lead to a customer. I concluded my presentation with by reviewing how to best track that the investments that are being made into the digital presence are working. This included what metrics are available and how to use them to track the marketing efforts.

The ability to interact with the future leaders of our community was a great experience. During my presentation the students were actively engaged and the discussion that followed highlighted the passion they have for the industry. The students took the opportunity to ask important questions about the challenges and opportunities they will face once they join the workforce. I was excited to see the passion for marketing in the students and believe the Sac State College of Business Administration is doing a fantastic job preparing students for careers in the Marketing field.

I would like to thank Professor Baldus for the opportunity and I look forward to future lectures with some of Sacramento’s best and brightest marketing students!

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