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CTS Team Receives CMAS Contract for Both IT & Non-IT Services

by | April 21, 2020

Profile photo of blog author Bobby Reed, CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions
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We are proud to announce we have received CMAS contracts for IT and Non-IT services. These contracts allow us to contract our services for state projects in our areas of expertise, including program design, strategic planning, mobile app design, social media publicity services and much more. Previously we were awarded a software project with the California Energy Commission through a prior CMAS contract. As we continue to grow as a company working with more state agency has been a primary focus. The recent acquisition of two new CMAS contracts by our team is a substantial step forward in continuing to partner with the state on critical projects.

Qualified IT CMAS Contractors

In order to become a CMAS contractor you have to demonstrate a level of experience and knowledge within the provided CMAS application format. Successfully securing our IT CMAS contract validates the knowledge and experience our software, and IT team have to work on state projects within the following areas:

  • IT Consult – Database Design
  • IT Consult – Software Development
  • IT Consult – System Analysis
  • IT Consult – Website Design
  • IT Consult – Website Maintenance
  • IT Consult – Project Planning
  • IT Consult – Mobile App Design
  • IT Consult – Mobile App Maintenance
  • IT Consult – Programming
  • IT Consult – Project Management

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Qualified Contractors for Non-IT CMAS Projects

Along with our IT CMAS contracts we also secured our CMAS for Non-It related services. Becoming a certified CMAS contractor for Non-IT services was a pivotal step to leverage the experience of not just our software and IT team but also our user experience team. As Non-IT CMAS contractors the CTS team can obtain state contracts in the following areas:

  • Business Consult – Program Design
  • Business Consult – Program Develop
  • Business Consult – Program Implement
  • Business Consult – Project Management
  • Marketing Consult
  • Writing Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Multimedia Consulting
  • Social Media Publicity Services
  • Business Consult – Strategic Planning
  • Video Tape/Film Production

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