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Capitol Tech Solutions Works Remotely to Serve our Clients

by | March 27, 2020

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During this time of uncertainty, Capitol Tech Solutions remains committed to providing the same level of service to our clients while complying with the state-wide shelter at home order. We will be using the latest in remote technology, including cloud-based platforms like Zoho, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to continue work on all aspects of your digital needs.

How Microsoft Teams Eliminates Communication Roadblocks

While in-person team meetings have been put on hold, we are taking advantage of video conferencing and instant messaging through Microsoft Teams. Using Microsoft Teams allows all our staff members to conduct group and one-on-one meetings with just a few simple clicks. Microsoft Teams also integrates with Outlook allowing you to search both your Outlook inbox and your Teams messages at one time.

We’ve also begun to use Teams to quickly communicate with our clients by adding them as a guest user. This process is simple and allows us to seamless share project assets and easily conduct meetings to trouble shoot any project road blocks.

Using Zoho Cloud Software Suite & SaaS Applications to Serve Our Clients

While we are working remotely, we are using Zoho to conduct virtual meetings with our clients. Zoho’s diverse suite of helpful online tools allow us to remotely work with our clients on video conference calls and easily allows us to share our screen with clients. Our user experience team also relies on Zoho Projects, a powerful task management system, to capture, track and complete all client requests from start to finish. While our teams’ work environments have changed using Zoho allows us to process, and complete client requests exactly the same as before.

Our team is ready and able to help your business succeed.

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Remote Access to Project Assets Through Cloud File Storage

Cloud file storage is perhaps one of the more forgotten components to successfully working remotely. As a company we use OneDrive to upload documents, images, and other project assets to specific client folders. These folders can be accessed remotely from an internet connected device by each of our team members and outside collaborators. While file storage is not the most glamorous tool it is essential to serving our clients while we work remotely.

Protecting Assets with Two Factor Authentication

Keeping our clients’ documents safe at all time is one of our highest priorities. Utilizing two factor authentication (2FA) on our critical cloud infrastructure ensures that all client data is secure. This safety measure becomes even more essential when working remotely on different wireless networks. Using two factor authentication is another layer of security so that even if a password becomes compromised the data in the cloud infrastructure will not be breached.

Have any questions or concerns? Need assistance with working remotely or help setting up virtual meetings? We remain ready and committed to assisting our clients during these extraordinary times. We are all in this together, and we look forward to working with you.

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