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CTS Continues to Expand their Website Design Development and Software Applications Staff

by | October 17, 2018

Marik Knapp Name: Marik Knapp
Title: Customer Success Specialist
Length of Time with the Company: Hired September of 2018

Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and a Sales Certification from The University of Alabama

Job Description:
Marik is the forward-facing dynamic of the website development team. In this role he is responsible for managing the needs of our website clients that participate in our Website Support & Success program as well as coordinating the development of a website for new clients.

Our existing clients submit website edits to the CTS team as a way to meet the business and marketing objectives. Marik acts as the liaison between our clients and the developers to assure that the updates are implemented appropriately and in accordance with best practices for user experience and website optimization. Marik also manages the website development projects for all new clients throughout the span of the 6-8 week project.

He tackles each project by first understanding the needs of the client gathering the requirements for design and functionality and then communicates with the client throughout the stages of the project. Whether it’s helping to bring a local company’s new website to life or ensuring our clients are happy with their existing website Marik is always excited to satisfy all our clients’ needs.

Personal information:
Marik Knapp was born in Long Island New York and raised in Bakersfield California. Marik’s family includes his mother and father Melissa and Wes Knapp and his sister Savannah Knapp. In his free time Marik likes to go fishing or watch college football preferably with his trusty pup Montana. Marik also seeks adventure and exploration with travel and in the community like the time he kayaked in the Panama Canal or the time he participated in a thirty-two-mile-long walk to raise money for breast cancer research.

Dinh Le Name: Dinh Le
Title: Software Developer
Length of time with company: Hired October of 2018

Associate degree from HUI university in Vietnam.

Job Description:
Dinh recently joined the development team here at CTS and has already made a great impact helping solve problems for our clients.

As a software developer Dinh designs the architecture and implements the programming logic for the software applications requested by our clients. Dinh is always eager to figure out each business’s specific problem understand what targets they have and then provide the necessary solutions. Dinh especially excels in visualizing the end result of an application and working backward to provide a solution that will help CTS client’s grow their business.

About Dinh:
Dinh Le was born in Vietnam and has rejoined his family that came over to the US. 10 years ago. Dinh waited 8 years to rejoin his family and feels very fortunate to be able to live in the US. with his family. In his free time Dinh likes to read books watch movie and play video games. Some of his hobbies also include traveling and photography. A little-known fact about Dinh Lee is that his Vietnamese is An Lee and he changed it to Dinh Lee upon arriving in the US.

Live Laugh Love”

Name: Zachary Hatton
Title: Junior Software Engineer
Length of time with company (Year Started): Hired August of 2018

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

Job Description:
Zachary has been a great addition to our software team focusing on the eFundraising Connections eFund Connect – Online Political Platform. When faced with a new problem Zach’s first step is to makes sure that both himself and the client are on the same page regarding the issue at hand. Zach then makes sure that clear expectations are set for the project and a realistic timeline is constructed based on his prior experiences. Zach enjoys the problem-solving aspect of his job the most and believes that problem solving is what software development is all about. Zach appreciates how software can not only solve small problems but also empower people and potentially solve some of the toughest problems facing our world.

Personal Information:
Zach was born here in Sacramento and raised alongside his nine brothers and one sister. Zach is the youngest of his siblings and has a total of sixteen nieces and nephews and one great niece. In his free time Zach likes to workout play videogames and play dungeons and dragons. Some of Zach’s other hobbies are watching anime and going Argentine tango dancing. A little-known fact about Zach is that he made up a fictional world called “Ultisha” in middle school.

Awards / Recognition:

  • Best Video game graphics in class (DNA dash)
  • Most fun video game in class (DNA dash)
  • Best overall video game in class (Battle Royal with Cheese)
  • Best video game graphics in class (Battle Royal with Cheese)
  • 2nd place in Battleship AI tournament

Special Training

  • Certified in CPR First Aid & AED

Professional Membership:

  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) lifetime member

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