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User Experience Results for our Small Business Clients in May

by | June 2, 2017

The Account Managers Development Team and Account Managers for Capitol Tech Solutions work in synergy every day in our Sacramento Office help our Clients improve their Online Business.

Although each Client has different requirements to gage their success in addition to increased revenue generation and profits growing their Brand Online and establishing a Trusted Reputation still falls hand-in-hand with efforts reaching their Target Markets.

Capitol Tech Solutions continually works with Clients to Market their Business Products and Services. We create new Websites and conduct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase Search Engine Marketing and improve User Experience (UX). Our Team of Industry Experts work directly with our Client Staff to Develop the best Marketing Plan and Strategies to attain the Goal for each Campaign.

Featured Small Business (SMB) Client Projects Status Results for the Month of May (2017)

Below are the Featured Small Business Client Projects and some highlighted information about them. Be sure to check out the Project Portfolio Links and of course visit the Client’s Webpage to see in time the quality work that Capitol Tech Solutions consistently produces.

eCommerce sales increase over 200%!

Vogt Silversmiths’ has been working with us as an eCommerce Client for the past 8 months to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase their online sales including the development of an entirely new eCommerce Website.

Their old Website needed a makeover to improve upon broken links and provide website visitors with an enhanced User Experience. For this eCommerce Website Project we used the Shopify Platform because of the development flexibility for design and greater integrated features. From the beginning of the Web Design eCommerce Project we kept User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goals in mind until we launched last on May 1st 2017.

It is great when a plan comes together and after the first complete month of business with the New Shopify eCommerce Website Vogt Silversmiths saw a 200% Increase in Net Sales! This is a direct comparison to May 2016 Net Sales.

Learn more about this eCommerce Project or visit their New Website at https://www.vogtsilversmiths.com/ and let us know your thoughts.

New Website Design & SEO Increase Rankings

The Law Office of Ryan T Kocot engaged us to to improve Customer Lead Generation from the Current Website. After the initial Analysis was reviewed it was agreed that in order to see significant improvement in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) we should start with an On-Page SEO Strategy for the Current Website to meet short-term goals; and immediately begin working on the development of a New Website.

The New Website was launched about 6 weeks ago and the Client has already seen his Search Engine Rankings steadily climb the Google Search Rankings ladder in a very Competitive Keyword Space. Our SEO Staff are experts and know that time and effort will yield positive results for all our Business Clients; putting on display that their Return on Investment (ROI) will be realized. It should be noted that Google openly states that Website Content Changes (New Websites & SEO) will take “4 Months to a Year” to produce measurable results so when we steadily see results in less than two months we know we are doing well by our Clients.

<i>Learn more about this New Website Design &amp; SEO Project or visit this Client’s New Website at https://www.sacramentoduidefender.com/ and let us know your thoughts.&nbsp;</i>

Web Development & SEO Services Yield Positive Results

Our team works with companies both big and small. Recently PowerSchool SIS one of the largest employers in Sacramento Region reached out to our Web Development team to work with their Marketing Department as a solution to supplement the User Experience efforts.

Their website built on the WordPress platform has many complex features and plugins that need WordPress Experts to maintain. Our team of Website Developers has just the Skill Set Knowledge and Experience to get the big jobs done right too!

We always work hand-in-hand with our client counterpart; in this case the Marketing Department and Website Staff to assure their message of the Student Information System (SIS) Solutions are effectively communicated to their potential customers.

Learn more about this Web Development & SEO Services Project or visit this Client’s New Website at https://www.powerschool.com/solutions/student-information-system-sis/ and let us know your thoughts.

Web Graphic Design & SEO Services Deliver Positive Rankings

Midtown Dental is the top ranked Dental Practice on Yelp and just launched their New Website on June 2 2017. We have a long-standing relationship with Midtown Dental. They recently moved their office into a Brand-New State of the Art Location and required a New Website to match it.

The Midtown Dental team sought after our Web Graphic Design Team for Rebranding of their Website and the SEO Team to increase their ranking abilities on the Google and other major search engines. Like our other clients we immediately engaged and applied Search Engine Optimization enhancements to their Current Website while simultaneously beginning development on the New Website.

Within 3 months the SEO improvements on their Current Website were incredibly positive. They saw their business listing move from the “Third Page” of the Search Engine Results to the “First Page” on Google! And yes their business went up too! We anticipate similar SEO Results with the just launched New Website and expect to see even more feet in the door as conversions increase with a Stunning New Graphics Design and Modern looking site.

Learn more about this New Website Design & SEO Project or visit this Client’s New Website at https://www.midtowndentalsacramento.com/ and let us know your thoughts.

These Featured Clients above are just a few examples of our User Experience Team’s Projects for the month of May 2017. If you’re interested in getting similar results for growing your Online Business Contact Capitol Tech Solutions Today!

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