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Capitol Tech Solutions’ Team Becomes Certified Divi Frontend Developer

by | July 28, 2020

Alex Wright headshot

Capitol Tech Solutions today announced that web designer Alex Wright is now a Certified Divi Frontend Developer. This certification, awarded by Divi Space, demonstrates that Alex is proficient in the front-end code languages required to create innovative and professional websites with the Divi Theme Framework.

“We constantly strive to create state of the art websites for clients using the latest in web development technologies,” said Capitol Tech Solutions CEO Bobby Reed. “This will give our team yet another powerful tool to help our clients maximize their digital online presence and grow their businesses.”

An accomplished web designer, Alex completed a rigorous multi-week certification course entitled “Transforming Divi with CSS & jQuery” to receive this certification. Created to help Divi users excel in their craft, this course enabled Alex to gain deep insight into the fundamentals of two powerful code bases, CSS and jQuery.

Designing Visually Striking Websites with CSS & jQuery

From gaining an introduction to the Divi theme and its various components, to learning ins and outs of CSS (the core styling syntax associated the HTML language), the certification course also covers how to build incredible on-site interactive user experiences using the jQuery library. This builds on Alex’s existing web design expertise and allows her to be able to build visually striking and functionally powerful Divi websites for Capitol Tech Solutions’ clients.

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“This certification allows Alex and the Capitol Tech Solutions team to continue to deliver effective high-quality websites to their customers,” said Reed. “It also reaffirms our commitment to improving our expertise for our clients’ benefit. Our team will continue to strive to be experts in the field and provide our clients with effective websites and user experience solutions.”

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