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Capitol Tech Solutions Becomes a Certified Google Partner for User Experience

by | July 9, 2019

“We are very excited to officially be a Google Partner. We now have exclusive access to many Google training programs as we continue to offer our clients the best ad spend opportunities” said Bobby Reed CEO and founder of CTS. “We are proud to offer our expertise in Google’s most popular and effective tools. Our team strives to efficiently and effectively operate search engine optimization for our clients. We do this by understanding each client’s unique business goals and by utilizing our extensive expertise to develop a strategy that exceeds expectations.”

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What does becoming a Google Partner mean?

Image of Google Partner Badge that is displayed on website

In becoming a Google Partner CTS was rewarded with a Google Partner badge which will feature prominently on the company’s website. The badge signifies to current and future clients that CTS’s knowledge and use of Google’s tools are certified and that the Sacramento-based digital agency is now able to earn company specializations. The Google Partner Badge also confirms that CTS has consistently increased client revenue and continually grown its client base Partner.

What are company specializations?

Company specializations are a way for Google to differentiate agencies with specific product expertise allowing proof that CTS are experts with specific Google products. To become specialized you must complete three main requirements:

Performance: Indicates you are increasing your clients revenue and your advertising in that specific specialization are performing well.

Spend: To achieve the spend requirement you must spend at least $10000 every 90 days for the specialization.

Certifications: Specific and necessary certifications are required for that specialization area.

What are the benefits of being Google Partner?

Capitol Tech Solutions will see many benefits as a result of their partnership with Google. Some of these benefits include product and sales training updates on Google’s trends and direct access to Google’s support staff when assistance is needed. As a Google Partner CTS will work with Google to improve services and facilitate agency growth.

CTS continues to grow their knowledge and expertise being a Google Partner

The team at Capitol Tech Solutions is currently comprised of multiple employees who are Google partners. These employees are search ad certified and specialize in both Google Display ads and Google mobile ads. Capitol Tech Solutions is a premier full-service User Experience Agency in Sacramento CA serving its partners since 2005. CTS works to fully understand the unique business goals of each client in order to develop a strategy that not only meets but exceeds all goals. CTS strives to be each client’s long-term digital partner.

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