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IoT Trends that Will Change How Businesses Collect and Think About Data

by | July 17, 2019

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At Capitol Tech Solutions we work with businesses of all sizes and are constantly offering the most up-to-date technology an digital trends for our clients. In keeping up with the latest technology we are seeing a great shift towards Internet of Things (IoT) acceptance. Many companies are beginning to explore ideas that can optimize their business processes. We have made a short list of what we are seeing in IoT trends as more companies adopt these technologies.

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1. CAT M1 Drives Down Cost Of Cellular Data

When we speak to businesses about a cellular option, most clients assume cellular charges range from $15-$25 per month, making the monthly cost too economically prohibitive for many projects. But new plans, and new wireless protocols, such as Cat M1, provide very low bandwidth with high building penetration at bundled prices.

Since the RF bandwidth is reduced, the signal-to-noise ratio increases, which according to AT&T can increase coverage by a factor of 7. It is feasible to put thousands of devices on the same data plan and spread out the data cost across all the devices.

Cat M1 generally flies under the radar as a cellular option. Most folks have heard of 5G, but at CTS we describe CAT M1 as basically the opposite of 5G. It is meant for low bandwidth applications, which is perfect for monitoring devices such as thermostats, movement detection, odometer and flow readings, temperature, occupancy, and other low bandwidth solutions.

2. Innovation Driven By Legal And Compliance Teams

Legal and Compliance departments are more involved with IoT devices than ever before. Many businesses that we work with are looking to cut risk and expenses. We are seeing Legal and Compliance drive the innovation, from tracking whether a cone has moved to monitoring a power device that receives alerts. The price of preventing lawsuits through low-cost monitoring can be a huge savings. And with the low-cost of data transfer, IoT-based solutions have become a very attractive business option.

3. Sensor Innovation

Sensors are continuously evolving and keeping up to date with this innovation will assist in new opportunities and business for those working with IoT. Sensors are becoming cheaper, using less power, and providing more data to users. With many different technologies available, such as Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee, Zwave, and EnOcean, the ability to connect small low power devices is growing at a rapid pace. If a device is not available immediately, an engineering firm can likely create the sensor within two to three months. While the pace of innovation is happening rapidly, there is still a lot of opportunity for growth.

Most people have heard about the connected home where everything from a fridge, stove, and washer/dryer connect online. When this is extrapolate to a workplace, the opportunities are endless. As battery technologies improve (thanks to demand from electric cars), it is possible that more devices can become smaller and last longer. Ultimately, if you can think it, it can likely be made and incorporated into an IoT device.

4. Data Visualizations And Dashboards

Data Visualization is certainly not new, but as we continue to develop devices, we see a strong demand for visualizing the data into a useful dashboard that everyone can understand. As one CTS client shared, “All C level executives get super excited as soon as you mention a data dashboard.” The ability to take information from the field and put it into an easy-to-consume visual piece of information provides concrete information for all levels of management.

With each IoT project we create at CTS, we focus heavily on the visualization aspect of the data. We ask who needs to be notified and when they need to be notified, and how will the data provide the user with the necessary information when they login to the application. An IoT device can be smart, but if you can’t quickly consume the data it is providing, it does not provide any value.

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