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Capitol Tech Solutions is proud to be recognized on “Largest Software Development Companies” in 2019

by | July 9, 2019

“We are thrilled to be included in the Business Journal’s list of largest software development companies in 2019” said Bobby Reed CEO and founder of Capitol Tech Solutions. “We are proud to contribute our small part to making Sacramento a hub of innovation and look forward to the continued success of our customers and partners. We are a growing company with plans to reach even greater heights in the future. We are constantly adding talent to our expert team and we are all working hard to move up the list in the years to come.”

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How did Capitol Tech Solutions receive this recognition?

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The Sacramento Business Journal evaluates the candidates based upon the number of employees and the business procured. Once all the companies are evaluated the list is published on their main website for the world to see!

Capitol Tech Solutions is one of the largest software development companies in Sacramento as well as one of the fastest growing companies in the region. CTS works with small and medium businesses start-ups and government agencies to provide comprehensive user experience solutions to enhance each client’s business and presence online.

Why is the “Largest Software Development Companies” recognition important to us?

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CTS takes much pride in being recognized in the list of largest software development companies because of their growth. They have enjoyed tremendous growth in the past few years due in large part to their wide range of tech expertise exemplary customer service and unmatched results for their clients and partners.

In addition CTS is very proud of where they are currently in size because of looking back at how small they used to be in the beginning. They are a family business and seeing the growth shows any company can do the same with hard work and passion.

When a new employee joins the family they immediately improve the work environment. Each employee brings their own unique quality to the company creating a happy and diverse place to work therefore bringing in more employees. Having the “Largest Software Development Companies” plaque hung up in the office brings much joy and motivation to the company in hopes to move up on the list in the future.

CTS offers a full range of services

Capitol Tech Solutions is a leading digital development firm in Sacramento. The growing company provides a full range of software design web development services IT services digital advocacy and marketing and fully customized software database development solutions.

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