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Professional Website for Law Firms

by | February 11, 2020

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Is Your Website Working For or Against You?

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How important is a website to a law firm? Today, three out of four people needing the services of an attorney will turn to the internet first to begin their search. A website enables a lawyer or law firm to provide important information as to why they are an individual’s best choice for providing legal services. But considering that a website is most likely the first introduction a person will have to your firm and services, the content and design is critical to making the right first impression.

Essential Legal Firm Website Design Features

What are the primary components you want to include in a website? Foremost is information on your specific area or areas of practice which likely brought them to your site in the first place, but the focus of the content should be on the benefits of your service – what you can do for them – and not just a description. Regardless of whether someone is seeking legal services for litigation or a transactional purpose, content that establishes your credibility and instills trust is important. An overview of your experience and examples of cases you have handled will help establish you as an authority in your specialty. Recommendations and endorsements from previous clients are also helpful in building a foundation of confidence in your ability to handle their specific legal issue.

Inform, Educate and Activate Potential Clients

A page with Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, is an excellent way to address topics or concerns that an individual wanting to know more about your practice and seeking your expertise might have. A blog page with articles including timely information on developments in your practice area will also demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. If you do include a blog as part of your website, it should be updated on a regular basis to be most effective.

In addition to written content graphic components are critical to the overall appearance of your website, but they should be skillfully placed without being distracting. Ideally, photos should be taken by a professional photographer. If you want to include videos, these should also be professionally done. However, be mindful of how long your videos or hyperlinks take to load. A prospective client may lose patience and move on to another site if the load time is slow.

Visitors to your website should also see a call to action with a clearly posted means of contacting you. This could be a phone number, or a form for a visitor to enter their contact information. Consider offering a free consultation as enticement for potential clients to contact you.

Don’t miss out on potential clients online. Build your online presence with a professional website.

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Ensure Your Law Firm’s Website is Mobile-Friendly

An article from the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University projected that as of 2020, two-thirds of all online activity would take place on cell phones and tablets so your website also needs to be designed with attention toward how it appears on both desktop computers and mobile devices. You want your prospective client’s visit to your website to be worthwhile and beneficial regardless of what type of electronic tool they are using to view it. However, the impact of good website design and graphics will be undermined if your content is difficult to read because the font is small or the contrast of the font color and background is poor. Additionally, grammatical or punctuation errors will significantly diminish the sense of professionalism and attention to detail you’re trying to convey.

Invest in SEO to Get Found for Your Legal Services

When developing a website that presents you and your firm in its best possible light, you also need to consider how prospective clients will find you in the vast sea of legal competitors. Website searches originate with a search engine, with Google being the best known. Google’s search algorithms take numerous factors into consideration when providing results to an inquiry, so it’s important to incorporate Search Engine Optimization factors into your website, or SEO. Criteria that Google takes into consideration includes the text and images on each page, key words and phrases, the speed of your website, and how your webpages rank in search results.

Get Your Website Done Right and Hire a Pro!

Just as prospective clients are seeking the most skilled attorney to handle their legal issues, similarly the complexities of building and maintaining a professional website, and maximizing its SEO potential, are best handled by a company specializing in these services. Capitol Tech Solutions, founded in 2004, provides a comprehensive menu of IT and web solutions that maximize your online presence, including software design, web development services, mobile app design.

Maximize your user experience success with a website that actively generates you leads.

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