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Why do we prefer Xamarin for Mobile Application Development?

by | August 21, 2019

Photo of a man developing mobile applications for android and iOS

We are in the era of mobile applications. Mobile applications are a popular alternative to mobile websites because of their efficiency and performance capabilities. If you are thinking about building an application for Android iOS or even Window phone platforms Capitol Tech Solutions has got you covered!

At Capitol Tech Solutions our mobile application developers stay up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure the best application for our clients. Whether you have a targeted need or want to reach a broad audience CTS is your partner for a successful mobile application. We can help your business with the development and design of a custom mobile application that works on both iPhone and Android devices.

Developing an application natively can get expensive and time-consuming. To reduce development time and costs we prefer Xamarin a single technology stack where you can reuse up to ninety percent of code between devices. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Xamarin and why we prefer it for mobile application development.

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What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an ecosystem of tools that are widely used by mobile application developers to share coding across major platforms including C# and .NET. It is cost-effective time-efficient flexible and reliable platform used for developing mobile applications on various operating systems. According to Microsoft Xamarin can build cross-platform mobile applications that allow engineers to share about 90 percent of code. Microsoft acquired Xamarin in 2016 after it was built by Mono a cross-platform open-source .NET framework.

How does Xamarin work?

Xamarin has made it easier for developers to understand code language by converting existing Android iOS and Windows phone platforms Software Development Kit (SKD) to C#. Xamarin uses a single language C# to create apps for all mobile platforms. C# as a part of the .NET framework language allows developers to create apps without learning a new coding language and platform. Working in a familiar environment increases developer productivity and allows our team to scale and build more apps faster passing the savings onto our customers. And Xamarin still provides flexibility through native UI interface API access and native performance for the pieces of the app that need to be custom for that specific device.

What are the pros of using Xamarin for development?

  1. A single technology stack for multiple platforms – This is a game-changer for clients that want Android iOS and Window applications to work simultaneously.
  2. Native Performance and user experience – A platform-specific user interface is used in Xamarin which makes the user experience more native.
  3. Simplified Maintenance – Since Xamarin is a cross-platform application maintenance only requires developers to change or update one source file for both iOS and Android applications.
  4. Support of TVs wearables and IoT systems – Xamarin is the reason we can build portable versions of many platforms including Android wear and iOS Apple Watch.
  5. Testing and Insights – There are exclusive tools within Xamarin to test the mobile application’s performance. Quality assurance is a necessity for a successful application.

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Our Software Development team has years of experience developing mobile applications from the ground up with Xamarin. We work with many industries including non-profits dentistry law firms and government agencies to develop applications to meet their specific business requirements. Contact us today to get started in mobilizing your business!

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