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NationBuilder Website Design Project for Senator Ted Gaines

Capitol Tech solutions is a "NationBuilder Expert" with web certifications and years of experience designing and developing custom political website solutions.

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NationBuilder Website Design & Client Information

Ted Gaines for BOE is political website design using the NationBuilder platform, which equips politicians, non-profits and fundraisers with a suite of online tools perfect for those types of websites (Learn more about NationBuilder).

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  • Bootstrap
  • NationBuilder
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Senator Ted Gaines had a successful website, but wanted to stay ahead of the curve with his digital marketing strategy

Our team had already designed Senator Ted Gaines a website to support his campaign run to becoming re-elected as a state Senator of California. He was very satisfied with the website we built him and wanted to look further into the possibilities of how his website could further help him as he pursued to be elected into the Board of Equalization in California.

His team wanted to have an all-in-one solution for all their campaign needs, which included the following:

  • A fully responsive web site
  • Volunteer database and signups
  • Donation options
  • Blog/news updates
  • Email marketing
  • Various team access levels
  • and other digital engagement tools

NationBuilder provides an all-in-one solutions for political campaigning on the digital stage

NationBuilder provides a suite of online tools designed to address Ted Gaines' exact needs. Team members receive a single login and are able to access the entire online suite based on various levels of permissions so that they have access only to what they actually need. Further, the online suite provides an easy turn-key approach for handling member sign-ups and their ability to donate (even if not a member), volunteer, sing-up for newsletter updates, engage over social media, and much more. In summary, NationBuilder provided all the tools needed and more.

NationBuilder's Suite of tools surpasses the clients needs in a good way

The suite of tools was a huge benefit to have access to, but Ted Gaines also wanted to protect his unique branding. NationBuilder provides access to lots of free website themes/templates and 3rd party vendors offer even more, but our branding was unique enough to where it needed to be handled on an ongoing basis by a local company (Capitol Tech Solutions). Our team of Certified NationBuilder Developers & Designers (Architects) created Ted Gaines a unique custom template, which he could manage with his own team.

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