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Organic Social Media Marketing Efforts Increase Brand Strength and Lead to Measurable Sales Within Six Months.

After 8 months of working with us One Stop Lighting’s Instagram & Pinterest were responsible for generating 161 sales through their website. 

Photo of someone holding a smart phone about to log into Instagram

8000 Instagram followers

45907 post likes

6311 clicks to website

3x more page views from Instagram users

In this organic social media case study, you’re going to see how we helped a successful brand start from nothing on social to attributable sales within six months.

1 Stop Lighting, an eCommerce Retailer located in Sacramento, CA, has built their business on successfully selling home lighting products through their online store.

They were very good at finding customers through Google Adwords campaigns, yet as competition increased and shoppers habits changed, 1 Stop Lighting knew they needed to diversify their marketing efforts to attract new customers, and compete with the largest eRetailers, such as Amazon and Way Fair.

1 Stop Lighting engaged with the Social Media experts at Capitol Tech Solutions to tackle this new initiative, and the efforts lead to measurable sales within 6 months from kick off.

Social media is now an integral part of 1 stop lightings marketing efforts, and the continued efforts will lead to sales growth.

After 8 months of effort, we accomplished:

  • 8,000 Instagram Followers
  • 45,907 post likes
  • 15,101 post comments
  • 2,187,205 Impressions
  • 1,046,739 unique views
  • 10,388 Instagram Story Views
  • 17 influencers gained 52,432 post likes
  • 6,311 clicks to website
  • Instagram users average 3x more page views.
Infographic shows how social media marketing campaigns increased user engagement on Instagram and Pinterest for 1 Stop Lighting over 8 months

Just want to thank you for your support and guidance. Never would have happened without our partnership!

Todd Johnson

COO, Belami Inc.

Organic Social Media Marketing Goals

The primary goal of any marketing campaign is more sales. Businesses invest in marketing for growth.

But for an Organic Social Media campaign, 1 Stop knew sales would not come immediately. So we picked some initial measurable goals, that if executed well, should lead to sales.

1. Develop a posting plan and schedule, and post on a regular basis

Our team reviewed all of the provided content, and built out a plan for regular posting for several months in advance.

2. Develop a brand voice.

We want to be seen as hip and modern, so developing a brand voice that speaks to our customers is critical

3. Boost Followers on Instagram by 10,000 – 15,000 per year

We want to boost followers so each time we post, more people see it.

4. Become engaged in the social community

This meant interacting with people who comment, post, ask questions, and interact on our social media channels

5. Engage with 2-4 Influencers per month for affiliate program

Influencers are folks who already have a large number of followers, and we want to leverage their followers for sales.

6. Increase Mailing Lists by 1,000 subscribers

Email Marketing is still one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, and integrating social with other marketing forms should lead to sales.

7. Constant Improvement

We aren’t trying to get lucky with a viral hit. We want to see steady and constant growth, that will build a successful brand overtime.

With the above 7 goals as targets, we set off on implementing our organic social media strategy.

Social Media Process and Methods

The first steps in a successful Organic Social Media project is learning about the customer. We dive into all of the following during our first official meeting:

1. Current brand and position in the market

  • Existing marketing strategies
  • Existing materials
  • Current customer personas
  • Current media to work with

2. Competitors

  • Review competitor’s social channels
  • What are competitors doing well/not well

3. Partners

  • Do partners have material and content we can leverage
  • Review partner’s social channels

4. Key roles and individuals

5. Expectations and Deliverables

With a base knowledge of the brand, their competitors, the key people we are working with, and expected deliverables, we were armed with what we need to start implementing a social media plan.

We researched 1 Stop Lightings current brands, the brands they carry, and reviewed all of the material. Fortunately, they had several images that worked well for social we were able to work with.

This was somewhat surprising since many brands don’t understand what works on social vs what works on their website.

People are social want to see Lifestyle images, not basic product images. So we sorted through thousands of images to find great Lifestyle images that would make their social media pop.

Once we had media selected, we planned out a posting calendar over the next 3-6 months. This is critical to have a solid posting plan, so on a daily basis we can focus on efforts on interaction, not on sourcing content.

Next, we brainstormed on the voice we want to portray on their social channels. We opted for hip and trendy, and focused our voice on the demographics that match 1 Stop Lightings largest customer segment.

We also worked with the technical team to fully take advantage of Instagrams Tap to Shop eCommerce feature. By setting this up, viewers can link directly to the products in the image and purchase them, streamlining the sales process.

Line Graph shows how organic social media marketing lead to an increase in Instagram impressions for 1 Stop lighting
Line Graph shows how organic social media marketing lead to an increase in Instagram followers for 1 Stop lighting

Social Marketing Implementation

With the plan set in place, we began to implement our strategy. We went out the gate heavy on posts on Instagram to help fill the channel. Simultaneously we cleaned up old Pinterest boards, and developed new boards with common lifestyle themes.


We actively engaged in the interior designer community Instagram.

We actively targeted competitors brands and engaging with their followers. Since followers of competitors are interested in the industry, they have a higher likelihood of following our brand as well.

We constantly monitored the channel, responding to each and every comment, DM’ing followers, and engaging on their posts.

We also commented and liked similar competitors and pages of brands we sell. By engaging with partner businesses, we leveraged their networks.

We spent hours of our time, day and night, engaging in the social community. We constantly were seeking out more users who were interested in our products, and put in the time to market our brand.

4 months into the project, we began giveaways and contests to encourage more followers and likes. We ran campaigns that required email signups to build up our email lists.

The results continued to build on each other each month.

1 Stop Lighting Instagram post screenshot 1
1 Stop Lighting Instagram post screenshot 2
1 Stop Lighting Instagram post screenshot 3
1 Stop Lighting Instagram post screenshot 4
1 Stop Lighting Instagram post screenshot 5


For Pinterest, we redesigned all the boards based on interior styles as opposed to product types. By aligning boards more closely to shopping habits, we saw an improvement in engagement.

We actively updated boards on a daily basis to showcase new and existing products.

Keep reading to see the phenomenal results!

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Social Media Marketing Concrete Results

The results were tracked through various platforms and measure conversions, and end customer surveys.

By June, we had the following results:


Infographic shows how social media marketing campaigns increased user engagement on Instagram for 1 Stop Lighting over 8 months
  • 8,000 Instagram Followers
  • 45,907 post likes
  • 15,101 post comments
  • 2,187,205 Impressions
  • 1,046,739 unique views
  • 10,388 Instagram Story Views
  • 17 influencers gained 52,432 post likes
  • 6,311 clicks to website
  • Instagram users average 3x more page views.


Infographic shows how social media marketing campaigns increased user engagement on Pinterest for 1 Stop Lighting over 8 months
  • 10,191 Average Daily Impressoins
  • 8,448 Average Daily Viewers
  • 349,891 Average Monthly Viewers
  • 11,673 Average Monthly Engagement

Instagram Referral Traffic

With each month, we saw improvement in our measurable social statistics. But, while we were growing our social channels, was it making a different in our sales. Ultimately, you have to buy off the website, so let’s look at Google Analytics and see if we are generating more traffic.


That traffic directly from Instagram led to 133 sales.

Direct Website Traffic Growth

Direct traffic to the website was also up year over year. While this isn’t necessarily attributable directly to social, social does play a role based on brand building and awareness.

Direct Website Traffic 2018

Direct Website Traffic 2019

Apr – 11,101Apr – 15,191
May – 16,136May – 16,408
Jun – 13,522 – 40,759Jun – 14,641- 46,240

That’s 13% growth in Direct traffic to the website year over year.

Pinterest Referral Traffic

Pinterest is more susceptible to spikes based on seasonality, but we still showed solid growth in several months.

Pinterest 2018 Results

Pinterest 2019 Results

Jan – 679Jan – 1,290
Feb – 657Feb – 1,164
Mar – 691Mar – 935
Apr – 699Apr – 1,434
May – 637May – 640
Jun – 630 – 3,993Jun – 651- 6,114

That is a 53% growth in website traffic on Pinterest in the first 6 months of the year. Every month showed year over year growth.

That website traffic led to 128 sales.

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Social Media Next Steps

So what do you after you have significant growth in social media after 8 months? You keep it going! Instragram is notorious for adding capabilities as you add more followers. Wired Magazine has a story that mentions features after 10,000 followers.

But we have to look back at the overall goals of 1 Stop Lighting. Ultimately they are trying to increase sales through marketing. By building a solid set of followers on Instragram, it is now time to leverage all that hard work to build that base.

1 Stop can now cost effectively push sales, coupons, and other merchandise to their large follower base.

They can continue to engage in the community. With every post, more and more followers will see their brand.

They can continue to work with influencers. As their brand continue to build, it will open the door to more influencers looking to collaborate.


Every social action will be more effective than the last. We look forward to continuing our successful social media strategy with 1 Stop Lighting.

Social Media Reference and Acknowledgements

Thanks to 1 Stop Lighting for working with us on this project, and providing insight into their social conversion data.

Other resources include:

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