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Website Redesign Project for eFundraising Connections

eFundraising Connections, an online donation processing platform, redesigns their website to provide both new and potential clients with a website that highlighted their features and benefits.

Before Screenshot of eFundraising Connections website After Screenshot of eFundraising Connections website

eFundraising Connections WordPress Project Details

  • Client: eFundraising Connections
  • Date: December 2018
  • Website: eFundraising Connections
  • Technologies:
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • CMS
    • jQuery jQuery
    • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • Devices:
    • Smartphones: iPhone, Android
    • iPads & Tablets
    • Laptop
    • Desktop
  • Compatible Browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
    • IE 9+
    • Opera
iMac Device Macbook Device iPad Device iPhone Device eFundraising Connections on iMac eFundraising Connections on Macbook eFundraising Connections on iPad eFundraising Connections on iPhone

eFundraising Connections Starts Website Redesign to Update Content and Increase Engagement

When evaluating their website, the eFundraising Connections team noticed that their content didn’t properly reflected the features and benefits that eFundraising Connections offers. The website redesign goals were to highlight different benefits, tools and features provided by eFundraising Connections.

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Creating a Winning Combination of Effective Content & Engaging Design for eFundraising Connections

Before beginning the website redesign process, our plan was to create an engaging design that highlights all the features of the eFundraising Connections platform. The client was very helpful and specific about what pieces of content would be taken, adjusted and migrated to the new website along with which pieces of content were no longer needed.

The client’s ability to repurpose, create and organize their content allowed us to focus on coming up with a design to make the different content for the benefits and features of eFundraising Connections be both easy to find and engaging. To accomplish this, we utilized a simplistic menu structure consisting of only four primary menu tabs to organize content specific pages while incorporating a variety of images, icons, graphics and call to actions to make the website pages substantially more engaging.

Executing a Design Focused on Highlighting Key Content and Promoting Engagement

The new eFundraising Connections website features a homepage designed to provide users with a high-level overview of the different features the eFundraising Connections processing platform offers in addition to introducing the benefits individual members of a political campaign receive. Also included in the design of the homepage are various images, animated graphics and a call to actions to promote more user engagement. Additionally, the various call to actions on the homepage create an abundance of opportunities for users to explore the various features and benefits of eFundraising Connections. The call to actions also funnel users to set up a new account online turning website traffic into actual clients.

At the top of the homepage all the specific inner pages are organized under the benefits, features, resources and get started menu tabs allowing users to easily find specific content about payment processing or treasurer benefits. The inner pages of the website like the homepage utilize both content and images or graphics to highlight specific features or benefits eFundraising Connections provides. Continuing to use a variety of images, graphics and call to actions throughout the site helps keep users engaged while promoting action to generate more business leads.

Website Redesign Involvement and Timeline

The User Experience team was crucial in completed the website redesign that both exceeded the client’s expectations and was within the proposed timeline. The entire design process was aided by the collaboration between the dedicated account manager, the development team and graphic designer. In the final stage of the design process, the website went through testing to ensure all website links were responsive and the site was optimized for mobile viewing. It was critical to ensure the user experience and interface would not only functional properly but encourage new clients to use eFundraising Connections for all their political campaign processing needs. The end result was a website that exceeded the client’s expectations.

eFundraising Connections Website Homepage Screenshot
eFundraising Connections Website Design Screenshot 1
eFundraising Connections Website Design Screenshot 2

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