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Shopify eCommerce Website Redesign for Pushkin’s Bakery

Sacramento-based, Pushkin’s Bakery, partnered with Capitol Tech Solutions to sell mouthwatering, gluten-free and dairy-free baked goods for those experiencing food allergies or celiac disease through a new eCommerce website.

Before Screenshot of Pushkin's Bakery website After Screenshot of Pushkin's Bakery website

Pushkin’s Shopify Project Details & Client Information

  • Client: Pushkin’s Bakery
  • Date: November 2017
  • Website: Pushkin’s Bakery
  • Technologies:
    • Shopify eCommerce Storefront Shopify
    • Product Booking by Acerill Logo Product Booking by Acerill
    • Instagram
  • Devices:
    • Smartphones: iPhone, Android
    • iPads & Tablets
    • Laptop
    • Desktop
  • Compatible Browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
    • IE 9+
    • Opera
iMac Device Macbook Device iPad Device iPhone Device Pushkin's Bakery on iMac Pushkin's Bakery on Macbook Pushkin's Bakery on iPad Pushkin's Bakery on iPhone

Growing Sacramento Based Bakery Business Seeks eCommerce Website to Meet the Needs of Gluten-free Foodies

As the production demand increased for small-business owner, Danny Turner, it was evident that the growing organization would benefit by outsourcing their website development needs. As the organization searched for a website development company, Turner found Capitol Tech Solutions through the Shopify eCommerce website. Capitol Tech Solutions is an official Shopify Expert in the Sacramento area.

Our client communicated the need to offer his clients the opportunity to order baked goods online. With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, the goal was to have an updated website equipped with eCommerce functionality and a user interface that motivated visitors to place their holiday orders.

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Ingredients for the Award-winning Result

The existing Pushkin’s website provided a simplistic, clean design that Danny wanted to integrate within the new site. Capitol Tech Solutions identified that the Shopify eCommerce platform features incredible functionality. With its intuitive content management system, Shopify allows businesses to easily enter product descriptions, pricing and details, along with flexible design templates and application integrations.

In addition, Pushkin’s Bakery was looking for a simplified, cost-effective and consumer safe method to accept and process credit card payments rather than dealing with the time and costs of setting up a third-party vendor. Shopify Payments, powered by stripe, provides an affordable, third-party credit card processing to Shopify hosted websites that’s fully integrated within the Shopify interface and administration panel.

In previous years, Pushkin’s Bakery had implemented plug-ins to achieve the online ordering experience. However, these plug-ins presented technical and logistic nightmares for Danny and his staff. This also provided for an overall difficult experience for his customers.

The limitations of the previous applications prohibited the shopper’s ability to place on order and schedule a future-date for pickup. This resulted in numerous phone calls and emails, back and forth between the bakery and the customer. In addition, Danny was not able to manage the volume of orders by day, creating the possibility that demand was greater than their capacity.

Delivering a Design with Functionality and User Experience at the Forefront

The User Experience Team created and executed a 6-week timeline to meet the objective of launching the Pushkin’s Bakery website by November 12th, in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Given that the existing site was easily integrate into the Shopify platform much of the project encompassed using the Shopify CMS to upload product information to appear in the online store and coordinate with the client to access photographs to accompany the product descriptions. Our dedicated Account Manager, worked closely with the client to assure that the design of the online store and content were consistent with the existing site and provided an easy to follow, intuitive user interface.

ProductBooking by Acerill, a Shopify calendar booking application, provided the foundation for the order processing and calendar schedule for customer to indicate when they would pick up their purchased items. The challenge within this integration was the need to enable customers to place an order prior to their pick-up time, as well as implement a lead-time so that the bakery would have enough notification to prepare the order.

To assure that the booking application was successfully integrated and functioning as needed, the development team became quite familiar with the tasty offerings as they acted as customer to troubleshoot any issues that might arise.

User Interface Designed to Optimize Shopper Experience

The final days of the pre-launch focused on the user experience- making it simple for customers to select their items from the online store, schedule their pick-up date and provide payment information. To promote the holiday offerings, the development team provided suggestions for the home page layout that would feature the Thanksgiving Menu and allow customers to place orders within just a few brief mouse clicks and keystrokes.

In addition, Danny Turner created a social media campaign announcing the arrival of the new website and the online offerings for Thanksgiving.Within 24-hours of the site launch, the online store received over 20 orders and in the first week had received over 120 orders.

Custom Shopify eCommerce Website Re-Design Shopify Website Design of Homepage
Custom Shopify eCommerce Website Re-Design Shopify Website Design Screenshot 1
Custom Shopify eCommerce Website Re-Design Shopify Website Design Screenshot 2

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