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Capitol Tech Solutions Takes the Gold in International 2021 dotCOMM Awards

by | August 25, 2021

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The gold dotCOMM Award is a metal cast dot broken up into individual bits. The 3-D dot sits above an oblong marble base.

Evaluators reviewed the Capitol Tech Solutions website and 2,000 other entries to determine Platinum, Gold, and Honorable Mentions across multiple categories

Capitol Tech Solutions received a Gold Award for Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Digital Agency in the 2021 dotCOMM awards announced August 1.

The program, administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, touts the vital role of creative professionals in web, social, and digital platforms.

This is the first year the dotCOMM Awards have recognized the Sacramento-based digital transformation firm, an indicator of the agency’s growth in software development, web design, and user experience.

“I’m proud of the high-quality work produced by our software developers, web designers, and digital marketers. Winning a Gold dotCOMM Award signals to our current and potential clients that we are a leading digital transformation firm in Northern California.”

– Bobby Reed, Capitol Tech Solutions CEO

The Software Development and User Experience divisions of Capitol Tech Solutions have found success in recent months securing contracts with California state agencies.

KVIE, the Northern California PBS-affiliate and Capitol Tech Solutions client, received an Honorable Mention in the dotCOMM Awards in the nonprofit website category.

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How Evaluators Judge the dotCOMM Awards

The dotCOMM Awards are an annual evaluation of submissions over a two-month period. Each entry is judged individually and not against other entries in the same category.

The evaluators do not allow for additional material to explain design choices, the dotCOMM website states. Judges evaluate all work on its quality, creativity, and resourcefulness.

The 2021 dotCOMM Awards competition featured more than 2,000 entries from multiple countries. Typically, about 13 percent of entries win Platinum with a score of 90-100, 13 percent win Gold with a score of 80-89, and about 5 percent win an Honorable Mention.

The Award-Winning Track Record of Capitol Tech Solutions

The Gold dotCOMM Award is the most recent in a long line of recognition for our digital transformation agency.

In March, SEOblog awarded CTS with the firm’s second consecutive SEO Agency Award for the User Experience team’s SEO expertise.

Last year, the web developers of CTS received two awards for outstanding web design on behalf of its clients, which included local PBS-affiliate KVIE and MCE Conferences, a continuing medical education organization.

“Our recognized and proven track record are a testimony to the success we provide our clients,” Reed said. “We will continue the best level of service that has led to these renowned recognitions.”

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