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Capitol Tech Solutions’ Energy Management Client Highlighted by CleanStart

by | March 16, 2020

Profile photo of blog author Bobby Reed, CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions

Sacramento region clean tech leader spotlights CTS client Capitol Energy Systems

Capitol Tech Solutions has long been dedicated to creating innovative strategic software solutions for a variety of clients across many industries. Our energy management client Capitol Energy Systems was recently featured by CleanStart, a leader in the Sacramento region clean technology sector. Capitol Tech Solutions’ software team has been working with the team at Capitol Energy Systems to develop cutting-edge smart energy management systems for clients across the country. Capitol Energy Systems’ smart technology provides energy management solutions to schools throughout California, generating cost savings in the range of 20-40% for those that used the software that Capitol Tech Solutions developed.

Our software team is helping position Capitol Energy Systems for its next phase by building on its track record and expanding the applications of some new software, new sensors and new communicating smart thermostats to any building under 25,000 square feet.

Our Software team can upgrade your internal software or build a custom solutions from scratch to help your business succeed.

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Capitol Tech Solutions has also done work for the California Energy Commission producing tracking systems for renewable energy projects qualifying under the Renewable Portfolio Standards rules.

CleanStart has been working to build the clean tech hub in the Sacramento region. We have been supporting local growth through education, networking, and promotion. Their work has helped 85 local companies in the core clean tech sector, which generate $3.1 billion in revenue and 5,065 jobs.

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