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by | March 5, 2016

Profile photo of blog author Bobby Reed, CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions

Are you ready for the CA Custom Field Data Migration?

Will your migration be successful? Will you lose data?

Our developers were part of the team that WROTE the migrations for PowerSchool in California and can now help you migrate without issues.

We can help with the following:

  • Assist with in-district preparation and migration.
  • Assist with in-district or off-site Test flight of migration and assessing its impact.
  • Run migration off-site initially to see what issues will arise.

Our Analysis Can Include the Following Options:

  • Plan for field migrations (tables and fields to be migrated, field destination types, etc)
  • Verifying data to be migrated – with complete backup prior to corrections
  • Scheduling and down-time assessments, keeping it to a minimum
  • Producing listings of data to be corrected prior to migration
  • Corrections of data, including enhanced ‘batch’ corrections, prior to migration
  • Troubleshooting migration issues
  • Complete Backup of System after corrections and prior to migration

Our Migrations Include the Following Services:

  • Both in-district or off-site at our development group
  • Verification Test-flight (prior to Migration Test-run) to determine errors and corrections
  • On a copy of your dataset, we run the migration validations and produce list of corrections
  • Working closely with District for guidance on these corrections
  • Corrections are made to data until verifications are clean
  • Batch corrections utilized, where feasible
  • Troubleshooting migration issues before migration
  • Run migration and assess changes
  • Troubleshooting migration issues after migration
  • Assess changes and impact of migration
  • Training on new methods after migration

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