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CTS’ Kevin Olsen Expands Upon Shopify eCommerce Knowledge

by | July 30, 2020

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Capitol Tech Solutions Marketing Implementation Specialist Kevin Olson recently acquired his certification in Shopify Product Fundamentals. Shopify is the world’s leading eCommerce website platform with millions of online store fronts across 175 countries. Completing the product fundamentals certification helps us increase our knowledge of the platform and build custom eCommerce solutions for our clients.

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What Does it Mean to be Certified in Shopify Product Fundamentals

The Shopify product fundamentals certification consist of a series of courses and a final exam where you need to earn 65% or higher in order to pass. The product fundamental courses give you an in-depth insight into the Shopify platform. They teach Shopify partners how to utilize various Shopify features in order to help all their clients. For instance, you are taught about a specific Shopify feature, and then they will explain how this feature can help x, y, and z client, and each client sells a different product or service. These courses are designed for agencies who have Shopify clients. This is helpful because it allows agencies like Capitol Tech Solutions to learn how to utilize Shopify for clients from a wide variety of niches.

The exam itself tests you on the advanced functionality of Shopify. This includes Shopify API, the programming languages that are used within Shopify, tools for programmers, the website and app development process, and more advanced Shopify features.

The product fundamentals certification was one of my favorite certifications that I have earned. I was able to learn some advanced features within Shopify that I hadn’t known about before. Each course provided me with multiple examples of how I can apply these skills to clients from a wide variety of niches. I look forward to working on future Shopify certifications in order to expand my knowledge in eCommerce and the Shopify Platform.

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Kevin Olsen

User Experience Specialist

Leveraging our eCommerce Expertise to Help Our Partners Thrive

Continuing to advance the knowledge and skill set of our eCommerce team builds on our ability to provide cutting edge eCommerce solutions to optimize our clients’ businesses. From developing full eCommerce website, creating custom order forms or creating monthly subscription-based products, our eCommerce team can help your business succeed online.

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