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Website Redesign Project for Bronco Plumbing, Heating & Air

Bronco Plumbing, Heating & Air is a local Sacramento-based plumbing and HVAC install/repair company who utilizes the web and digital marketing techniques, such as Google AdWords advertising, as one of their primary ways to reach out to new potential customers.

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Website Redesign & Client Information

Bronco Plumbing, Heating & Air's fully responsive bootstrap re-design to ensure the website appears great in all devices for the best impact on their Google AdWords Quality Score.

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Local HVAC Install, Repair and Plumbing Company Needs Website Re-Design

Bronco Plumbing, Heating & Air had hired an SEO & marketing company for over a year and was not satisfied by the results they saw. There was little to no increase in website traffic and they felt the marketing company was nickel and dimming them on many occasions. The SEO & Marketing company was not willing to hand over the website re-design they had done, though it didn't appear to hold much value to the company in it's current state.

The client wanted to take a break from working on SEO and focus rather on what they had already seen bring success to their company, which was Google's AdWords advertising platform. Despite the success it brought them the fees seemed unusually high and especially so as their Quality Score (QS) decreased from having a non-responsive website. The client didn't want a complete design as the current site looked professional, but wanted to take it and make it fully responsive according to Google's standards.

Our team proposed a temporary scrape of the existing site and re-build into Bootstrap

To escape the high fees that had little to no return on investment we offered to scrape the site in it's current state and host it for a fraction of the cost. Web Scraping can often results in some lost functionality, but this was intended to be only a temporary solution while our team then rebuilt the site - we would then add back in any missing functionality that was lost and still wanted.

The client had no desire to manage the website themselves, so a Content Management System (CMS) wasn't needed initially. For this reason we decided to rebuild the site in the Bootstrap framework and would later add CMS connections with our own internal CMS if the client ever needed. We would ensure the website was fully responsive according to all Google standards so that it adjusts in appearance to better optimize to the screen size of the user’s device.

Our team would also perform the following services to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) according to Google's standards:

The site scrape lost some immediate functionality that was needed

After scraping the site and pointing the domain name to our server we predictably lost some functionality, but one piece in particular was needed to be fixed immediately. The piece that was needed was the ability for the contact forms to send as both emails and text messages. The client was on the road a majority of the day and kept a small office staff, so text messaged forms could often result in new business.

Our team created a new solution by writing custom PHP scripts to help ensure the forms were functioning as needed. After several tests using a variety of carriers we were able to confirm functionality and then sent a live test directly to the client, who also confirmed that the forms were once again working as needed.

Launching the new responsive website design & improving the QS

Next we took the home page and very large amount of inner pages, including a large blog, and re-designed them to be fully responsive. We kept the design very close to the original, but added some additional design changes to improve the modern and professional feel, which also included new CSS3 effects and custom graphics. The client loved the design the first time he saw it and the custom graphics were a terrific touch to improving the professional impression of the site when first visiting.

The visual changes were nice, but the most significant changes to the QS were found in the HTML edits that were made behind the scenes. A great benefit in hiring our team was also found in that all our designs and redesigns focus on many basic SEO requirements and best practices that are often missed, so even though the client wanted to hold off on an ongoing SEO campaign their ranking in search results still climbed.

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